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  • @leocg said in Opera 68.0.3618.63 Stable update:

    @alexs Do you mean DNAWIZ?

    @leocg Yes I mean DNAWIZ-88990 and DNAWIZ-93967

  • @leocg do you have the similar result like in this post (dark cookie section in light theme)


  • @andrew84 Yes, it happens on Opera 68 here.

  • @leocg So no fix there, or an incorrect backport was made, and posts in the previous Stable build's thread were not noticed (or ignored).

  • Can you add a digital/analog clock in speed dial?! It would be stylish!

  • Guys, can you please make the youtube video full-screen in/out animation smooth? Like its done by FireFox (fading)for example? Thank you!

  • The restart to update shows up about 15 seconds early as clicking it when it shows causes a failed update (many builds have this bug on and off)
    macOS 10.15

    Also this is a security update.

  • @andrew84: Of course they were ignored. That's the only thing they are really good anymore.

  • What's going on with Opera since the last version 68.0.3618.56 ? I've been experiencing as if the browser has been dealing with some memory leak or something after some time of use. It goes super clunky, responding so slow when I click on new tab (+) taking a second or two. Same with other navigation buttons and stuff. But when I check memory usage it's completely normal, it's just that cpu usage is high. Something in Opera is eating up cpu time. So I have to close the browser every hour or two and reopen it. Reminds me of Firefox back a couple of years ago where it started to consume more and more memory even when you didn't do anything with it and just left it open.

    Win 10 1909, 8GB 2133MT/s, i5-7200u

  • Much like what's happening to others the performance of Opera, across the board, has been terrible for a while now. Tabs using massive amounts of memory & CPU and even when other tabs are suspended, the focused tab has to be closed and reopened to get it to respond after a relatively short amount of time. I use a PC and a Laptop side by side and whether it's developer/beta/stable, it's all the same. Frustrating!!

  • @proptop99: since they built in workspaces, my Opera takes about 10 seconds to be responsive after opening. with ssd. didnt take that much before

  • since your implementation of worspaces, Opera is super slow starting for me (well it starts but its unresponsive for 10 seconds or more). also, when switching tabs, it lags the whole browser very often now. did not happen before the workpspaces implementation.

  • @kassandra1: samer here since workspaces update. similar computer

  • The vertical tab cycler no longer works for me. Unfortunately this is going to decrease my workflow significantly.

  • Not sure if my opera wasn't updating for a couple months or you changed opera://flags/#search-in-open-tabs default to True with this update.

    Please consider making/keeping these and other new features/buttons optional or configurable, so the old userbase will be able to set it up as needed.
    I'm really interested in workspaces but haven't been able to use them because I can't use the sidebar most of the time.

  • Hi Opera, how about add incognito mode through workspace area? That would be helpful for use.

    Like this:

    workspace incognito.png

  • Little bug with button "search tabs" in Windows 7.

  • where is the reopen closed tabs ???

  • @lotus66 said in Opera 68.0.3618.63 Stable update:

    where is the reopen closed tabs ???

    It’s hidden…

    Goto the URL opera://flags/#search-in-open-tabs, disable the flag and restart Opera.
    Or under the red O-button and then 'History'.

  • I do not like that this update forces the horizontal tab cycler. My workflow regularly has me with hundreds of tabs open, and the horizontal cycler is slow to open, shows only five tabs at a time where the vertical cycler showed dozens, and I have to scroll manually through the tabs to find one instead of using the scroll bar or scroll wheel.

    This is a significant downgrade. To top it off, while there's a flag to disable the horizontal tab cycler, it just breaks the cycler completely.

    If Opera is going to make significant changes to my browsing experience, which I need to remain consistent to do my job, I'm going to switch to Firefox.

    Edit: I am somewhat happier now. If you want to enable the vertical tab cycler, go to opera://flags/#horizontal-tab-cycler and chrome://flags/#search-in-open-tabs and set them to "Disabled." You'll lose the search in open tabs functionality, which is neat, but an uninterrupted workflow is more valuable to me.