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Opera 68 is here with built-in Instagram in the sidebar

  • Bring us the recently closed back to where it was. Many people share this opinion

  • I happen to like the 're-imagined' (constrained) space in the upper right corner. Being able to hone in on an already open tab via keyword is far more useful than scanning a lengthy list of entries that often needed to be scrolled and frequently jumbled up with recently closed tabs. Navigating to history in the side-bar to find the latter is both intuitive and consolidates similar functionality.

  • Well, if people find both functions valuable, why remove one at he expense of the other? Opera's interface is super simple and straightforward anyway, I believe there is the space - and the need - for both of them. We're far from getting overloaded with functionality, so there's no limitation of that. As for the the navigating to the menu, then to the history and finding the closed tabs there - well, as recently in recently closed tab suggests, you wanna use it to quickly open back what you just closed and get back at it - and the time needed to go to the history really makes the difference here. Cheers

  • @leocg: Well, the only thing i'm not realizing is why i still keep reading complains about such a useless feature. And on the other hand it really bothers me when someone is trying so hard to underestimate my intelligence. Words speak for themselves.

  • @hubim You can bookmark that page.

  • @hubim Now it seems that recently closed tabs is really recently closed tabs and not (almost) all closed tabs.

  • Thanks for upgrading Opera. Can't wait for the next update!

  • @diegosdf

    I'm definitely leaving opera...

    don't. they are going to make something better, I know they will...

  • @leocg there were many requests in the past about increasing the amount of recently closed tabs items in TabMenu, as it seems. So the feature was and still quite popular.

  • @leocg Look what I've found
    Yes, I agree with Opera, this a handy shortcut to my history log.

  • @rsa-vby : that certainly is an argument many are making in the comments. My own view is excess functionality gets in the way of usability. Cluttering the (arguably already busy) top bar with additional buttons will diminish the experience for some. Which buttons should be there and/or whether they should be user selectable is a choice the designers will have to access based on user feedback and whatever other criteria goes into the decision making process. My earlier comment was simply expressing a personal preference for what rolled out in O68.

  • @davey126 You probably forgot that 'Seacrh in tabs' feature was part of the InstantSearch feature previously and the magnifying glass icon (can be hidden) was in the sidebar.

    Now the icon is always visible and can't be hidden and replaces the TabMenu. When I open start page I see 3 magnifying glasses.

  • @andrew84 : I did not forget but also didn't use the feature that often due to click path and count. That, of course, is a personal view albeit partially biased by a dislike of the quick search function as I tend to open a new tab. I am not here to argue for one option over the other. I am simply stating my satisfaction for the UX choices in O68.

    As for multiple magnifying glass icons on the start page, yeah...there's an opportunity to clean that up. Does not bother me but I can see how it would put some folks nickers in a knot.

  • @davey126 Ok. I just was trying to say that this is not a new feature but just part of the old feature (though in the blog it's announced like a new feature in 68) which is now located (its icon) in the new place, and the TabMenu suffered because of these manipulations. And like previously it can be called by using Ctrl + space shortcut.
    *If in short, we have the same old feature now ('Search in tabs') but in new place instead of previous 3 features ('Search in tabs', 'web Instant Search' and TabMenu).

  • where is the recent open tabs button? The same button that shows the tabs sync with other devices

  • @giacomorutili You have to disable the new search button for that : opera://flags/#enhanced-address-bar
    Apparently opera really likes to remove useful features these days...

  • @andrew84 : Yep - I get that. I also suspect Opera has usage telemetry from millions of users that supported the decision. Moving/retiring functionality is never an easy choice; some portion of the population always feels burned.

  • @davey126: That's your personal opinion and i respect it. But the hole point is to improve
    functionality, right? In this case there's a lot of people feeling frustrated with the absence of previous feature. Otherwise we wouldn't see that many posts about it.
    So i believe they should reconsider their decision in this case and give users the opportunity to disable stuff they don't like. Don't you think?

  • @stolis : reread previous posts; no advocacy for turning a blind eye. That said, there is a bigger picture that ultimately drives difficult design choices. Moving on, not going to resolve anything by rehashing.

  • @misterdoge thank you! I can't understand that choice