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Extension upgrade requires additional permissions...

  • I have the same issue. Sence updating to opera 72.0.3815.148, Win 2004(19041.572). I have disabled and enabled all extensions, rebooted PC, issue is still there. When I open Opera for the first time it pops up, then I go to extensions and do update all and issue is gone until I close all Opera windows and open new one, then it's back again.

  • And than it suddenly did work, and now it is fixed. Thankyou!

  • Test add as start page : opera://extensions/ Restart Opera and hit the update button. Restart Opera again and the drop down message should be gone. The small red dot in the sidebar is still there, but since the sidebar can also be hidden, it's less annoying.

  • Suddenly I keep getting a Extension upgrade requires additional permissions warning.
    I can't see what to change to make this go away.
    Please see screen shots.!
    what font.JPG

  • Version: 72.0.3815.148
    Win 7 Home Premium

    There is a pop-up message below my URL address bar stating 'Extension Upgrade Requires Additional Permissions-Go To The Extension Manager To Accept The Upgrade.'

    The message appeared this morning (Thurs) and was definitely not displayed on Wed night.

    What I Did:

    Cleared cookies and cache files Opera
    Rebooted Opera

    Unfortunately, neither option helped.

    1. Is this extension 'necessary' for Opera to function or does it creates more problems than it solves?

    2. I do not recall seeing this message before so does the extension upgrade usually occur automatically?

    The insights are appreciated.

  • Thanks for the workaround! However this fix is not viable if you are launching the browser from the task bar.
    Going to switch back to chrome if I don't find a way to fix this...

  • Changing the target workaround didn't work. Added --show-component-extension-options but it's still doing it.

  • @rplaye said in Extension upgrade requires additional permissions...:

    C:\Program Files\Opera\launcher.exe" --show-component-extension-options

    C:\Program Files\Opera\launcher.exe -show-component-extension-options
    On a UK keyboard it is Opera\launcher.exe -show-component-extension-options

    Many thanks, it works great.

  • What is Rich Hints Agent ? Never heard of it and googling doesn't have anything about it.

  • @duncanm Started searching as well.

    To update the extension "Rich Hints Agent", you must confirm, due to new permissions:

    • Read and change all your data on the websites you visit

    The above doesn't really scream "Yes Finally!"

  • @duncanm basically we just found out that we have a lot of crapware addons installed in Opera that we can't disable.

  • Hi all, I just found out going into Extensions, enable developer mode, press update and the problem will go awayimage_2020-10-23_002128.png

  • "Additional permissions are required to upgrade the add-on. Go to the add-on manager to accept the upgrade."

    I get a message like this, but when I go to the plug-in manager there is no warning. This message goes blank every time I start the opera. What should I do?

  • image_2020-10-22_174914.png
    Not sure what this Rich Hints Agent is, but let's try to update.

  • Hello

    This morning I started getting this message at the top of the browser window: "The extension upgrade required additional permissions. Go to the extensions manager to accept the upgrade" The message is accompanied with "Go to Extensions" button.

    OK, I said, let's do it! Let's go to the manager and accept the upgrade. I clicked the button and, expectedly, it opened the "Extensions" page.

    And? What's next?

    I don't see any extensions labelled for update/upgrade there. The page looks as usual. Nothing indicates any pending actions waiting for my permission. What am I supposed to do next? Where do I "accept the upgrade"?

  • @Draker I just noticed this too. Bye bye Opera.

  • @AltairAssassins No such message here on Opera Stable 72, Opera Developer 73 or Opera GX 71. So I will ask again: Where and when you see that message? The text make it looks like something coming from a site.

  • I don't have Rich HInts Agent showing on my extensions page yet I also have the notification. Also --show-component-extension-options has no effect here.

    All this chatter yet it isn't enough to awaken a single mod. Strange.

  • @Keepskite --show-component-extension-options is what will make Rich Hints extension visible.

    And by the way, mods are just users and they replying here or not is totally irrelevant. Also, this is a minor issue.