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Forum rules

Please follow these rules when participating in the Opera forums:

  1. Search before adding a new post or thread to see if the topic has already been covered.
  2. Post in the correct forum.
  3. Use a descriptive and relevant title for new threads. Try to use at least three words in the thread title.
  4. Be clear and concise when describing the problem. Be specific and remember to include important details, such as the exact error message or address of the site you're having trouble with.
  5. Stay on topic. Don't hijack other people's threads.
  6. Don’t write in all caps; and leave swearing, rudeness and flaming at the door.
  7. Don't post the same thing more than once.
  8. Read the announcements in each forum, and pay attention to announcement threads.

If you have a problem with someone, contact that person directly instead of starting a flame war.

Moderators will deal with messages that violate the forum rules by closing threads or deleting or editing messages. Very serious or repeated offenses can lead to a permanent ban from the site. The moderator will usually leave a note as to why the message was moderated. If you disagree with the moderation, contact a moderator directly rather than posting in the forum.

By following these rules, you will increase your chances of getting a useful response and make it easier for other people to help you. Well-formed threads also make it easier for others to search for information later.

The use of the forums is governed by our terms of use.