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  • We are happy to announce the release of Opera for Android 48 (48.1.2331.132804).
    In this release, we have added two of the most user requested features, Text size option and Tab option when returning to the browser. If you prefer larger text size by default, you can go to Settings and change the size. Regarding the tab settings, now you can always go back to the tab where you've left off instead of going back to the start page. This option is also available in Settings.
    Besides the above requests, our browser helps you get rid of annoying cookie dialogs and streamline your experience with improved autofill, credit card, and password management. The cookie dialog settings is available in the Ad blocker settings.

    Change log for this version:

    • Chromium 69
    • Cookie dialog blocker (and “Report cookie dialog” option but only in the beta versions)
    • Text size option
    • Clear data options
    • Home screen shortcuts (Android 6 and up)
    • Tab option when returning to the browser
    • Autofill feature improvements
    • Default browser setting
    • New error page

    Please try the new version and leave a comment with any feedback you may have for us.


  • @miyukiwork
    The video playback works very poorly, video shows 5 minutes and then gives an error and after rewinding the video player gives an error, in Google Chrome for Android everything is fine and rewinding also works.
    Pages and their video player ; ; ; ; ; ;

  • @miyukiwork Hi Miyuki! Great improvements once again. But there is still one thing which should be considered because it was not adressed in version 47. It would be nice to have a setting which allows to hide the status bar of android, that would be very appreciated by users which own a device with OLED display to avoid burn-in. Similar feature like in Samsung Browser. Thanks!

  • Hello,

    I always use Opera on my Android 6.0.1 smartphone and I'm very satisfied!

    Everything's fine and Opera seems to be fairly the finest browser for this device.

    Everything except one: Opera connects to test server every 6-8 hours even if "FORCE STOP" has been applied.

    Is it possible to stop this? Or else, is it possible for a user to have complete control of Opera?
    Just as it used to be...

    Thank you! Regards!

  • Test server? Force stop?

  • @leocg
    Test server? :

    Force stop? : Settings > Apps > Opera => Uninstall & Force stop buttons.

    My firewall reports that Opera tries to connect every 6-8 hours.
    I "Force stop" Opera but after those hours I always find Opera active.
    That means, Opera opens itself just to connect to, ignoring user's command (Force stop).

    This issue started after recent releases. There wasn't in the past.

    Thanks for your attention!

  • @firuz-u7

    I've seen a couple of similar bug reports, but we still have not confirmed the issue yet. Can you tell me on which phone and Android version this issue happens?

  • @kutykurutty

    Right. I'll come back to this topic again with my team. OLED display devices are not the most popular devices among us in the development team, so we have not directly noticed the problem yet. But we always consider user opinions!

  • @miyukiwork
    Hi, thanks for the reply
    Xiaomi redmi 3s prime only on Opera Android but Opera touch is working fine
    examples of web pages where video give an error after a few minutes of watching: ; ; ; ; ; ;
    and I notice that has many reports that the video gives an error.

  • @miyukiwork Thanks for the feedback! As you probably know, more and more manufacturer switching from IPS to OLED. Tens of millions of the Samsung Galaxy S series have such display, but more recently Huawei, Xiaomi, Apple, LG, Google also. Maybe worth to address this to make Opera THE superior browser. Thank you!

  • Is the new Cookie blocking Live and working?

  • As far as I know, yes.

  • @miyukiwork I still miss the "Recently Closed Tabs" menu in Tablet Mode like before. I think it's better to have a similar experience to desktop browser and it's an easier way to open a closed tab than to search the entire History.

  • @avmon

    Right! I reported this feature in our internal system when you posted, but it's still not prioritized. I'll try to bring up this topic again and discuss with my team.

  • At what stage are the work on adding the information option that I am looking for, is the site already in the favorites tabs in the area of ​​the web address bar (as in the computer version) ?