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  • First of all we are really glad to help webdevelopers in making their sites work good in Opera Mini.

    The main difference between High and Extreme mode is that High mode uses WebView component for displaying web pages, so standards support depends on Android and WebView version in such case. In Extreme mode pages are rendered using Presto engine on Opera Mini servers. The same servers are used for J2ME, Symbian and other Opera Mini clients - as a result rendering should be similar between such clients (although not exactly the same). You can learn more on "Opera Mini and JavaScript" article on

    In general CSS support is really similar to what you have in Opera 12.16/12.18 so you can test your site first in old Opera desktop browser as it's probably much faster way to develop. There are some exceptions and differences:

    • in most cases possible font-sizes are limited to some subset, I described it in detail in another topic, notably this subset differs between devices,
    • line-height is disabled at the moment, though we consider enabling it in the future, so please don't make assumptions on this,
    • padding should work fine,
    • elements with position: fixed are rendered as they were with position: absolute - they don't stick in viewport when you scroll,
    • no CSS transitions, limited transforms support,
    • broken complex flexbox-based layouts, simple things may work,
    • some other minor things.

    Regarding tests you can perform at css3test or w3c sites: they show what the engine supports, but a lot of things are changed on transformation to OBML.

    If you have any specific issues you can always post your page or example problem here and I can assist on possible solutions/workarounds.

    Opera Mini
  • This seems to work fine here, what keyboard layout do you have?

    Opera for Mac
  • Hi @ibnsuleiman . While we don't have a list of sources to subscribe/unsubscribe, we do have it for each article you see. You can click the 'x' in the bottom right of the article tile (next to the photo) and select the option 'Not Interested'

    This will open a page to tailor your news. You can choose to block/mute that source, say you aren't interested in the topic/category, or type a message in 'other' for us. As you block a few major 'clickbait' or 'tabloid' sources, you should notice a significant improvement in the feed. I hope this helps.

    Opera for Android
  • @mikac I checked on and it certainly seems like this page is zoomed out in your Opera. It might have happened accidentally with your touch pad or by an extension - in any case, you can reset it by choosing "View" -> "Actual Size" in the menu or using the keyboard shortcut ⌘0 (that's a zero).

    Opera for Mac
  • Hi, we removed the "+" button, but you can still right-click on Bookmarks Bar and select "Add a Page"

    Opera for Linux
  • @angourakis1 Thanks for the feedback and raising your concern. Also Thanks for being with us.

    Regarding issue you mentioned, We have found the issue and a fix. Next beta release will have this fix.

    Warm Regards
    Opera Team

    Opera for Android
  • Hi @gregtd , this message is coming from the site, not from Opera. So you have to ask the maintainers of the site why you're not allowed to download the file.

    Opera for Mac
  • Would you mind posting a screenshot?

    Forum feedback
  • @ezodi said in New Opera update makes Tradingview charts very slow:

    I find it a bit strange that the acceleration was disabled when I never experienced a problem with anything until the new upgrade, but that's all done now.

    Yes, unfortunately sometimes there's a tendency to blacklist more rather than less, since it's hard to tests all exact combinations of GPUs and OSes and in general it's better to be on the careful side (better a slow browser than one that doesn't work is the thinking). So it's perfectly possible that your exact GPU/macOS version didn't show the symptoms and was blacklisted unnecessarily.

    Opera for Mac
  • @sjmgarnier I'm sure Opera would like to but it's not up to us, there's a certain company that owns Flash and decides who's allowed to distribute it 🙂

    Opera for Mac

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