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  • Hello @mechamaton again! This problem is fixed on today's update. New Opera GX version released LVL1 (core: 62.0.3331.81)

    Opera GX
  • @mopw69, you're right. Currently there's no option to return to the original URL but I certainly understand the need to implement this. I will add this to our internal bug tracker but cannot promise any concrete timeframe when this can be added.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

    Forum feedback
  • Hi @talkgeria

    Hm, strange. It may sound like a wild idea but... Since Namecheap's response sounds like it must have been you - or one of your coworkers - that set up CloudFlare: could you check once again if it is not your own safety-related settings that disallow Opera Mini proxy user agent? Don't get me wrong, but think of it: your domain clearly points to CloudFlare, your site is hidden beneath it and at the same time it's up to the customer of Namecheap to set up third-party nameservers.


    Opera Mini
  • Hi @dnfanjos,
    Can't reproduce this with Adblocker, but I notice similar problem with

    <ytd-playlist-panel-renderer id="playlist" class="style-scope ytd-watch-flexy" disable-upgrade="">  </ytd-playlist-panel-renderer> 

    element in other browsers without Adblocker.
    Capture1.PNG Capture2.PNG

    Probably it's some tests on Youtube and you get into a test group.

    Opera GX
  • @diskacz Is it happening on any specific website or is it not working for any page?


    Opera for Android
  • We are happy to announce the release of Opera for Android 53 (53.0.2569.141117). This version introduces improvements to ad blocking, session handling, and VPN.

    More changes:

    • Suggested sites when searching
    • Performance improvements
    • Chromium 74

    Please try the new version and leave a comment with any feedback you may have for us.

    We're gradually rolling out the new version. It will be available to all users within a week.

    Opera for Android
  • Hi,

    Could you check if the problem persist if you log out of forums and log back in?

    Opera account
  • Hi @mmichel,

    That sounds weird. It definitely should work all the time.

    I am unable to replicate your problem, though 😞 For me following the instructions you provided in the first post always lead to appropriate post being opened.
    Can you please try a different browser or an incognito mode and maybe create a wideo showing the issue, just so that we're sure we are talking about the same thing?

    Thanks in advance

    Forum feedback