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  • Hello out there, Here’s the weekly Opera developer update. We’ve fixed some crashes and improved some small issues. All the changes and tweaks in this update are listed here. Installation links: Opera developer for Windows (Using the Opera developer for Windows installer means you have accepted the Opera for Computers EULA) Opera developer for Windows…

    Read full blog post: Opera 76.0.3995.0 developer update

  • Debian: sudo apt update

    Get:8 stable/non-free amd64 Packages [1,808 B]
    Err:8 stable/non-free amd64 Packages
    File has unexpected size (1807 != 1808). Mirror sync in progress? [IP: 443]
    Hashes of expected file:

    • Filesize:1808 [weak]
    • SHA256:9f0971343a7c1dbe30a29b4097c97c9888c82577d41a48cc8d43f84cdd82a2f3
    • SHA1:67749fe2dbb94275a790418f05c4777c032ca11b [weak]
    • MD5Sum:32a4ee3112f11b7fb206a451e749467f [weak]
      Release file created at: Tue, 16 Mar 2021 11:14:52 +0000
      Hit:9 stable InRelease
      Ign:10 stable InRelease
      Hit:11 stable Release
      Fetched 2,591 B in 1s (2,241 B/s)
      Reading package lists... Done
      E: Failed to fetch File has unexpected size (1807 != 1808). Mirror sync in progress? [IP: 443]
      Hashes of expected file:
      - Filesize:1808 [weak]
      - SHA256:9f0971343a7c1dbe30a29b4097c97c9888c82577d41a48cc8d43f84cdd82a2f3
      - SHA1:67749fe2dbb94275a790418f05c4777c032ca11b [weak]
      - MD5Sum:32a4ee3112f11b7fb206a451e749467f [weak]
      Release file created at: Tue, 16 Mar 2021 11:14:52 +0000
      E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.
  • @pavelopdev Error messages vanished. Good.
    Have a nice day.

  • Can you look at bug BS-3593?
    From last two developer release 76.0.3989.0 and 76.0.3995.0 I see big slowdown in browing, typing text and in selecting text.
    Last know good developer version is: 76.0.3981.0
    OS Linux, package installed from .rpm.

    • Please, improve the SearchTabs popup (make its behavior similar to the old TabMenu) >

    • Also fix the BABE's layout/alignment. Columns like 'recently closed' and 'visit again' should not depend on tiles count in 'top sites section'.
      Columns should be right aligned instead of centered. And top sites tiles should be horizontally scrollable like suggestions tiles on start page(right/left arrows) + expandable/collapsable top sites section

  • Relaunch to update button on 76.0.3989.0 shows early (can cause an infinite relaunch to update loop), need to wait about 20 seconds.

    Strange version number 76.0.3995.0 (x86_64) from opera://about/

  • After the previous update and this one opera is really slow and laggy for some reason. I disabled all extensions cuz I though the they could be the problem but no still laggy. When I start it takes time on white screen to load. I don't know what is going on but seems like a memory leak or something.

  • @beboss: Windows 10 /b21332

  • @beboss: thank you for the feedback! Please try to clean browser cache and cookies as well.

  • Hi.
    Again, 2-3 last builds have bug with middle-click bookmarks opening.
    Now I can open only 1 bookmark by middle-click, then have to click
    somewhere and only then it's possible to open another bookmark.

  • @cold: Confirmed, broken again! This time bookmarks bar dropdowns stay opened but only 1 bookmarks can be opened. Fix it ASAP.

  • @chas4: weird version is expected change. It was added for easier identifying if it's x64 or arm64 build

  • @cold thank you, we will investigate it.

  • A bit of topic, I know.

    I keep an eye on Vivaldi browser. It is to have rewritten botched Two-Level Tab Stacks and D&D in the next 3.8 release (3.7 was born today). Adding other small options like Periodic Tab Reload (already implemented) it will make Opera soon a run for the money (if not sorta Opera Killer). Unless you have come out with another super-duper feature like Two Tiles in one window (look at Opera Neon), for example. Two window layout on FHD screen I use everyday, has advantages and disadvantages, alas. Decidedly Two Tiles should have synch/asynch switch buttons for vertical and horizontal sliders. Adding Tab Reload function and Right Sidebar option might be damn handy too.

    You've made Workspaces. It's a brilliant idea, of course, but it needs to be pushed to upper level of usability. It's going older everyday, with other browsers moving ahead in strides.

    Vivaldi Three Tile Layout, but without synch/asynch switched sliders!
    Vivaldi Three Tile Layout with Two-Level Tab Stacks

    No kidding, I think Opera needs a jump ahead in typical browsers' environment.

    Wish you the best, of course, and keep my thumbs with hope for the changes.

  • @pavelopdev: I agree that Vivaldi is getting better every day. But I believe that Opera workspaces are incredibly better than the Vivaldi tab stack. I agree with you that Opera should launch a version similar to Opera Neon to give a boost to the browser market and stay ahead of the competition, in terms of innovation.

  • @pavelopdev: The Vivaldi team wastes a lot of time with very technical implementations that will have a small reach, when it comes to users. For example, configurable menus.
    To date, they have not added volume controls to the pip.

  • @gmiazga Tho on macOS last to version of the OS will not run the x86 code

  • @kened said in Opera 76.0.3995.0 developer update:

    @pavelopdev: ... Opera workspaces are incredibly better than the Vivaldi tab stack

    Absolutely no doubt. That's why I stick to Opera Stable despite of the damn shoddy Snapshot. "I'm believer" one might say. Yep, I still believe developers will come to their senses and correct all the haunting us pesky bugs. I still believe they have a real "something" up in their sleeves yet. I still believe, as well, communication between us, users, and them, developers, will be rectified soon and will be more friendly aka attentive (including moderators).

    BTW. Do not mention me the Defy subsystem as an example of invention. 😉 It is out of this world yet, a premature nod to the the cashless world (read: a monetary slavery) only. 😞

    Multi PiPs feature is a step in good direction.

  • @pavelopdev Opera already had most of those features about fifteen, twenty years ago.

    Maybe they already know that those features have a low impact on bringing or keeping the users.

  • @leocg I've watched a lot of US movies in my life, just as everyone of us, I suspect. Any weather forecast room or Disaster Emergency Centers were using umpteen monitors - small and big ones. The bigger the better. A real big one can display more information using more windows, more live camera pictures, more tables, charts, etc.

    What was good 15-20 years ago, can be good or better now. A lot of us like to have many things under control - for fun, for work, and for kinky ego even. 😉

    What is it Opera developers or managers are able envision what is ahead of us in terms of web browsers and what is hidden from us common users? Information background of those people is greater, of course, but it doesn't mean we should be devoid of such petty luxuries!

    Three or four personal PiPs should be part of everyday life if we deemed it we need it. Firefox can? Opera not? C'mon, buddy. 15-20 years ago Opera offered users multi tile environment. It is needed more today than yesterday.

    It was only poor technological development which cut it down. Do not soap my eyes with low impact mantra. Your views of what is viable for us or not today, demonize developers only. They are not smart alecks! You too, so do not play it out.

    Opera should reinvent the old good "wheels" which were the best then. Let them be better now. As I see every browser is slowly going into a micro operating system. I would have nothing against if Opera Commander based on Opera browser was born some day in close future. Let me stop here. I said enough yet.