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  • New and hopefully better: Opera 74.0.3870.0 Developer.

  • @andrew84 Thank you for the recommendations!

  • @andrew84 It looks like a different case and probably mostly connecting with a feature design. If there's only one Tab in Window, Recently Closed used a web page icon instead of 'generic window' icon. I've reported this as 'DNA-89951: [Babe] Recently Closed section doesn't show generic icon for single Tab in closed window'.
    Also reported a problem with Zoom from your previous comment as DNA-89940:Babe shouldn't react on Zoom from Settings

  • @tina Thx for reporting the babe's zooming issue (by the way, I'm reporting it since July).

  • @andrew84 Sorry for late report with Babe zooming. It's a kind of a corner case, because Zoom didn't affect Babe if you change it using a shortcuts, from Zoom pop-up or from OMenu.
    About 'Recently closed' image - we'll also discuss this on suggestion meeting. I can't define it as a bug. If user didn't have recently closed websites this image should shown up. Also, if user didn't close any website for a couple of sessions - he will get an image. Another question, is it better to hide the whole 'Recently closed' section or to show it with this image. But it rather an investigation task for UX and usability designer.

  • @tina Yes, the BABE's zooming issue relates only to the default page zoom in browser Settings, not OMenu > Zoom.

    So this an intended image (like 'image not found' and similar empty templates)? Ok, but I really thought that there's some text distortion issue. I'd never guess that this is an image. Of course, I'd better prefer just empty space or no 'recently closed' column visible at all if there are no recently closed items
    And it's perfect to have customizable Babe's pane where I can select (checkboxes) what columns I really need. Maybe that also will partially resolve (if the horizontal columns scrolling is not acceptable) the 1366x768 display issue where columns are not visible even on 100% zoom.
    +suggestions here

    *And what about active tab closing using the SearchInTabs popup, did you finally manage to reproduce the issue?

  • @andrew84 Search in Tabs and History are also have the same issue. Btw, this behavior comes from Chromium, where the same thing happens.

  • @tina said in Opera 74 developer:

    behavior comes from Chromium

    But in TabMenu it works correctly - after closing active tabs the dropdown stays opened.
    alt text

  • @andrew84 Sorry, are you talking about issue with Recently Closed Tabs and Window icon? Because I think .gif shows something else. Btw, I have already answered on this question about Open Tabs in Tabs Menu and also attach a .gif for you from 05x, as I remember 😉 It was another feature based on old code, not sure that we can mixed them up in that particular case.
    Anyway, I think it's a bug on this .gif, because Tab Menu was a native_ui and it should works as other native elements in the case of closing a Tab.

  • @tina said in Opera 74 developer:

    issue with Recently Closed Tabs and Window icon?

    No, currently I'm talking about the active tabs closing on the SearchInTabs popup (I was talking about the window icon too but it's already reported as I understand)

    @tina said in Opera 74 developer:

    I have already answered on this question about Open Tabs in Tabs Menu and also attach a .gif for you from 05x, as I remember

    Yes, but on your .gif you're closing tabs by clicking on the tab itself in the tabs toolbar. Of course, in this case the TabMenu will be closed because there was a click outside the popup.

    @tina said in Opera 74 developer:

    it's a bug on this .gif

    Maybe, I don't know. But it's convenient and looks logical.

    *The SearchInTabs popup was created to manage a lot of opened tabs. Let's assume that I want to close some tabs (for example Opera related), I search for 'Opera' and then I'm closing the tabs one by one. If the found tabs include an active tab, the popup will be closed too and I will have to open the popup and search again?
    And why this happens only with active tabs.. I close background tabs and the popup stays opened.

    *Edit: I also think that active tab should be marked in the SearchTabs (highlighted or using bold text)