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[Solved]Bring back the "Recently closed" button on the top bar on the right

  • Wtf is the problem? Why do you remove the only button i click on every 5 minutes???
    I mean, it is like if a car company says "we know you love that center mirror, so we gonna replace it with a modern art painting LMAO".
    Are you guys high or drunk while programming?

  • You can just make the user chose between that 2 options, or activate/deactivate any of them. But srsly, I'm now thinking about to switch to Firefox 7-8 years later, cause you got rid of the most useful button in your previous versions, a browser differentiator, and one of the main features that many people used everyday.
    New button sucks, you know it, we know it, everybody knows it, but it seems that you're pushing your users to switch to a different browser step by step.

  • We should rise this problem again and again. With elimination of old behaviour of Closed Tabs button the only way to get your synced tabs across your devices is to enable side panel and add icon to activity, or type every time activity in address bar. This is not handy at all 😞

    I don't using side panel and typing every time to access your tabs isn't good, because you can't add bookmark to activity/ anywhere.

    So the change closed tabs from list to search completely removes other feature! Why??

    Please bring back at least flag or button itself.

  • @cfyzuk said in Bring back the "Recently closed" button on the top bar on the right:

    bookmark to activity/

    You can add it to the bookmarks bar.

    *When editing the bookmark you can notice that the real address is chrome://startpage/activity and you can add this address everywhere you want. As a workaround because things went more complicated with recent Opera releases.

  • I prefer the previous downarrow and immediate access to recently closed pages. I can accept the magnifying glass with the popup as less optimal but doable.

    What I Cannot accept is only 3 recently closed pages. WTF?

    Why F over your customers by removing popular options. Is Opera that secure in their browser leadership position that they can ignore their most loyal users?

  • @Rogerb Go Vivaldi. It has over 20 recently closed tabs in the list. That's not counting other goodies. And let Opera "developers" stick their product in that place of their anatomy where the sun does not shine, if they don't want to listen to their users.

  • @superduper Dloading
    Bye Opera, til you go back to the useful things.

  • Isn't it nice that the following words are on the Opera for windows main page:
    The most useful and requested features are already built into the Opera browser."

    How ironic that the most requested feature is now taken out and the moderator has locked the discussion on that thread.....

  • @ericartman92 Here is the place to ask/discuss about it and it's still open.

  • @leocg And the other thread with many more opinions and viable options for people was what exactly if not a place to discuss the feature?

  • @ericartman92 In fact those other topics should have been closed a while ago.

  • The other thread had some options to fix what devs broke on their own browser.
    FYI, Vivaldi works very well, you dont depend on getting 3rd party extensions to get useful and well placed buttons, what a surprise.

  • I have been using Vivaldi alongside with Opera for a while now, and I have been quite satisfied with it. However, I have discovered one flaw with it. Namely, sometimes, when downloading with it, the file completely downloads, but the downloading process does not stop and Vivaldi just keeps creating new processes. If you don't catch this in time and kill the job, eventually it hogs all the resources and computer stops responding. The only way to bring it back up is to reset it. It happened to me once and now I am watching for this.
    But overall, I am very happy with Vivaldi.

  • I feel a bit sad letting go of Opera, at least for the time being. I've been using Opera since the early 2000s, back when it had ad banners. Several features that I found useful were dropped over the years, but nothing was as much of a deal-breaker as losing Recently Closed Tabs in its "classic" form and usefulness.

    I kind of (try to) understand the reasoning why reopening closed tabs is done through search. When looking for a tab I recently closed, I know the topic and words used on that page, therefore typing a keyword should be faster for finding that tab than going through a list. This workflow should be improving the user experience, but I actually see at least two barriers in this workflow:

    1. I have to think what words were used on the closed tab, as opposed to just scanning a list and maybe finding the right tab by its favicon. (Minor case, but then there are also tabs that were showing image files directly, with random names like 3a5f3e88c33.jpg.)
    2. I have to move my hand from the mouse to the keyboard.

    I've seen that 71 will be bringing a Show More to show more than three closed tabs, but that is an additional unnecessary click.

    Also, I find that having a list open tabs in Search in Tabs is somewhat redundant, as there already is a "list" of open tabs on top of the window.

    What might be a workable compromise for the Search in Tabs popup:

    • By default list only closed tabs, as many as fit in the popup, not only three.
    • Have a Show More at the bottom in case there are even more closed tabs than fit in the popup. Or make the popup scrollable.
    • Search still searches through open and closed tabs.
    • Add a setting that also shows open tabs in the popup, to accommodate users who like having a list of open tabs.
  • @superduper Got it with custom panels (whatsapp web, instagram, twitter etc), it's fast as hell, Twitter videos work nice... Thanks for the recommendation. And also, thanks von Tetzchner for not upsetting their users.

    Opera, it was nice while it lasted. You screwed your own product. uninstall

  • @primoz I agree with you. I don't think typing is faster or better or more accurate.
    In case of the accidentally closed tab, mouse is definitely faster.
    In case if it's random characters or the page caption is in a different language, I don't even have that language on my keyboard layout, so I can't type that.

  • Yes this was supporting. Very unhappy with the fact that its gone.

  • i'm joining too. Opera team i think must listen to their peoples request.

  • Hey i would like to have my closed tabs the way they always were, there used to be a flag for this "flags/#search-in-open-tabs" but i can no longer find it, is it gone? Renamed? Is there any way to get the old recently closed tab option back?

  • How hard would it be to add a setting slider that toggles the button between search (new) and closed tabs (old)