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  • So the HTTPS lock and non-secure /!\ are black now…

  • You might think searching for tabs may be ”the thing“ – I understand that idea.

    But it actually isn't, because the tabs – even hundreds of them – don't change position much and the human ”spatial/location memory“ is quite well developed. So it only happens ever so seldom that you search for an open tab and don't find it hovering in instances.

    On the other hand, it happens a lot more often that you accidentally close a tab and want to re-open ist quickly; not using keyboard shortcuts the ”Tab Menu“ comes handy there – much more convenient than unintuitively being redirected via the (sometimes painstakingly slow) history panel.

    [opera://flags/#search-in-open-tabs came handy for me, there, for the time being]

  • I'm not a fan of seeing how the non-secured icon is transforming into 'lock' icon while page loads, each time I open bookmarks or SD tiles. When I click page refresh I don't see that warning icon.


  • @andrew84: Oh shit I didn't even see that they removed it! Hope they bring it back.

  • @artexjay you can disable flag to bring it back (#search-in-open-tabs)

  • @xantares Yes, following the tendency.

  • @andrew84 I'd prefer some outlined 'circle' for non-secured icon, like in Edge for example instead of that solid black triangle (exclamation mark is hardly seen actually).

    And some blue colored 'lock' icon would look better because the active vpn an adBlock have blue icons. Black 'lock' icon in this case looks for me like something that is not currently switched on.
    *If in short, it's better to indicate by colors than by different black icons.

  • @andrew84 Maybe the change has been made exactly to give those badges/icons a more neutral aspect?

  • @andrew84: actually never mind the recently closed tabs appear to have been moved to the sidebar within the history section.

  • @leocg Maybe. But the solid black triangle/lock I can't call neutral (my opinion).

    The outlined circle/lock in Edge I can call neutral

    The problem is that I don't like using the sidebar, but I use TabMenu quite often.

  • @xantares: I disagree, I'm not sure what exactly is this new feature (search by page content instead of only title/url?), but I use Ctrl+Space extensively to locate open tabs and for me it's way better than hovering over more than a hundred open tabs (most of which aren't even loaded because I use "Delay loading of background tabs" option to save memory).

    Maybe my ”spatial/location memory“ is under-developed, but I always prefer a keyboard shortcut over a mouse movement.

  • @xantares: I agree about the closed tabs menu, though.

    I usually just Ctrl+Shift+T to re-open the last tab but often I need to re-open another tab and that menu is a life saver, especially considering the mess that is the history panel 🙂

  • I see that the built-in extension "Aliexpress observer", id: jaocpokicpmlhbchlodlkiochdkmophj has appeared in this build.
    Is it so necessary to keep this extension in RAM all the time?

  • This post is deleted!
  • @leocg: Of course. Neutral is the new green – secure connection the new standard.

    But you can un-emphasis using a good design or a bad design from a UI designer's or even typographical perspective.

    The new black design doesn't fit into the general distribution of contrast over the UI, for example.

    TL;DR: Just because you want to get rid of a green padlock doesn't mean any non-green padlock works.

  • Notification to update (on macOS) happens before the update to this build is ready

  • @xantares Of course can be improvements but I guess tht idead is to not bring much attention to the badges, specially the padlock one.

  • ok i do not live in norway i cannot delete it from the weather so i can show my city tried everything

  • @johnston5129 I guess that is one of the reasons for the flag to be disabled by default.

  • In addition to the white flashes while opening Internal pages, I also see the the white flash while the browser is loading (sometimes there's a flash too when I refresh the start page).

    • Also on the video you can notice that one of the tiles has a wrong thumbnail picture (red solid background of the Opera blog, it's unclear where it appears from). And the tile becomes correct after page refresh. The same happens on both PCs (you can see the screenshot I posted earlier, there are more wrong tiles)
    • No Workspaces visible on Settings internal page (sidebar settings)