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Opera GX is coming soon...

  • Hello,

    We are excited to let you know that we just opened up the subscription to the early access program for Opera GX, a new and special version of our browser made with those of you who play games in mind.

    While we can’t reveal more about this new desktop browser just yet, we would like to invite you to be among the first ones to get to know Opera GX once it becomes available.

    Head over to to subscribe now.

    We won’t keep you waiting for long!

  • @themaciekk can't wait to try this out and see what it can do.

  • @themaciekk The worst idea of ​​the Opera for a long time and a poor copy of Vivaldi, and not Vivaldi did not make a separate browser for several options. Something you do not do Opera oh, it's not so.🤦😒☹🙄

  • I usually don't play but I'm curious, so i just added my address to the list.

  • Logo looks like Neon, but red. Other than that no clues there.

  • @sgunhouse said in Opera GX is coming soon...:

    Other than that no clues there.

    I've seen V news, and the colour bar on Gx site, seems to have something related to Razer too.

  • You can see that the opera is running out of good ideas so as this old Chinese custom says copy-sell but it's a pity that they take ideas from the real spiritual successor of the opera on the engine presto called Vivaldi and I recommend you look at it before you start praising this very originally copied idea from it. By the way, if you really like the personalization of the opera, in Vivaldi you get lost so much you can change in the browser's appearance and adapt to your own preferences and not as you like in the opera because there the user is the most important.

  • We don't know that yet, you should wait to see what it is.

  • @sgunhouse said in Opera GX is coming soon...:

    We don't know that yet, you should wait to see what it is.

    even the presentation graphics have been copied so it's hard to talk about the original idea here.

  • well i am intersted to see how this work out exactly

  • @sgunhouse said in Opera GX is coming soon...:

    looks like Neon, but red

    Not only red, there is a color adjustment slider on the demo page.
    I have no suggestions other than RGB led color support of the gaming peripherals(but maybe not only from Razor, in contrast to Vivaldi)

  • At the bottom of the page is a "graphic" with browser window. Probably not only I noticed that when move the cursor on it appears a slider with a change in its color. Is this a suggestion that Opera GX will be able to change color any way? If it's so cool but ... it should have had a "normal" Opera ...

  • @themaciekk , We gamers like so much product keys and further more things to invite our friends and communities, so this can improve the impact campaing to catch up gamers community. The search for product keys it’s like a good social H1N1 (sorry about the comparision, I just thought of that, this moment). Even people don’t search for it, when they see others wanting, getting and looking keys, they automatically goes for it ... When you realize, they have instaled, are using, and already sent you a feedback.

  • What kind of gaming browser is this going to be?
    Is it more on the low ram usage side where you can browse while gaming
    or is it more designed to play browser games (e.g. or with high performance?

  • I think Opera GX will have these features. 😀

    • Discord on sidebar.
    • Change UI color
    • Support Razer Chroma.
    • Game infromation ( Ranking, News, Messeage, and so on) on Home page or sidebar.
    • Do the task of tab of game as priorty.
    • Not Hibernation the tab of game
    • Easy to record the game video.
  • @kyu3 Here's a question. Why not just put all of that stuff in the actual Opera browser instead of making new one? And will GX be a more stripped down version of Opera to conserve on ram, storage among other computer resources or have all the features the normal Opera has? If it has all the same features then why bother making a new browser instead of making all these features as options to enable/disable.

    All these features would make normal Opera unique in that aspect. Don't see the point of a brand new browser just for that.

  • @mattsolo45 True, Vivaldi is unfortunately for Opera far more superior .

  • @artexjay Different products for different public.

  • @artexjay said in Opera GX is coming soon...:

    True, Vivaldi is unfortunately for Opera far more superior .

    When it comes to visual access (freedom in choosing a theme), yes. But Opera have bigger (VPN, built-in adblocker with cryptocurrency lock) and smaller functions (copying addresses of pages from tab without displaying them, also several at once, scrolling up after clicking on the tab, cloud after selecting the text, also with units/time zones conversion) that Vivaldi does not have. So, personally, I'm staying at the Opera and I'm not going to change it (although I would not mind that Opera had a themes maker). The more, in my computer Opera work much smoother.

    @kyu3 said in Opera GX is coming soon...:

    I think Opera GX will have these features.

    Maybe too?

    • Steam Chat in sidebar
    • Steam Guard (verification codes and confirmation) built in Opera


  • @jojo0587
    VPN - is pretty horrible for any person who is privacy conscious. If you want true privacy go with a good VPN. If not you'll get logged on absolutely everything you do just like Opera's.
    Built-in adblocker - is alright though does not successfully blocks all ads/popup ads on some websites. I have reported those sites like a year ago to Opera.
    Crypto Locker - Appeals to a tiny minority who trust the security of the browser... which isn't very secure to begin with. Similar to saving passwords in web browsers.
    I'll give you however some of the smaller functions, although click tabs to scroll up was recorded. The only useful function i've seen from what you have provided in the smaller functions is the units/timezones conversions which i agree was a good addition.

    But Opera doesn't have stacking tabs which helps organize and manage your tabs especially if you research through a lot of links which itself comes with more productivity features. It has better compatibility with chromium extensions. A actual useful sidebar as opposed to Opera's completely half-baked one. Icon only for bookmarks, Way better way to update, which prompts the user. No restrictions on Search engines as well as full user control on each and every feature that is implemented. You already mentioned the themes that you can create as well as a "gaming" colors which changed based on your peripherals through Razer Chroma. Idk, but that blows Opera out of the water for me.
    I also forgot you can mod it too. 😕

    Opera in my eyes has a loooot of work to do with their features either to finish them them with users choices and remove some of the restrictions they have in place currently. Reason why I follow Opera is because i see that they have big potential, like their feature ideas are good just either not well executed imo or not fully done. Idk how big their teams are or how many teams but i think it would be great if they focused on just one browser for platform (together with beta, devs builds) making Opera the one browser that does it all thus combining the GX with standard. And perfecting the one.

    I don't understand what you mean by "cloud after selecting the text". So i have no input on that.

    Anyways it's kinda off topic now lol. So i won't reply about the comparison on this thread