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Opera ships major new version of its desktop browser, codenamed R5

  • You didn't fix the bug related to bookmarks bar dropdown tooltips position.

  • @andrew84: Selected Text to Pinboard would be great, then we would have Notes.

  • @max1c: the new default wallpapers are so ugly. I'm gonna install an older version and extract those wallpapers.

    Edit: never mind, they're gonna add them to the opera add-ons store.

  • @smnstrk No need, just download them from here:

    Opera's old Dark Theme Wallpaper,

    Opera's old Light Theme Walpaper.

    I can't understand, why they are not on yet.

  • There should be more wallpapers in two versions, dark and light version of the same wallpaper for the automatical change when switching dark/light theme.
    *And my many times mentioned suggestion. User should have a choice to select two own wallpaper which will change automatically after switching dark/light theme (two separate tiles in Settings in Wallpaper section)
    Something like this.

  • @andrew84 I even tried to make my own dark version by editing already existing wallpaper. Just put dark filter on it.
    2021-06-27_171149.png 2021-06-27_171122.png

  • The new wallpapers are too bad.

    Why did you destroy the good old dark and white wallpaper.

    Sometimes I try so hard to understand what you're doing, I can't make any sense.

  • I'm going to assume a GX version is forthcoming? GX always seems to get updates reaaaaaally late.

  • @teknomobil said in Opera ships major new version of its desktop browser, codenamed R5:

    The new wallpapers are too bad.

    Why did you destroy the good old dark and white wallpaper.

    Sometimes I try so hard to understand what you're doing, I can't make any sense.

    Are we really discussing wallpapers here? 🤔

  • @7thgear: Yes

    The previously beautiful Pop-video was removed and replaced with the standard chrome video pop feature.

    Opera is a beautiful browser, it can suddenly destroy its unique features that are beautiful.

  • [Bug]: I'm from Poladn, so I use poland language. I name one from workspaces polish word "ogólny". In pinboards when i select option "Add cards" this name don't display good. Instead of the letter "ó" I have a strange symbol. Screen: zrzut

    [Bug #2]: In the bookmarks bar, if I open a folder and hover the cursor over a bookmark (from this folder), the hint with address is displayed in the right place. But if there is a sub-folder in the same folder and another bookmark in it, then when I hover over it, the hint is displayed not under the bookmark, but much more to the right. Screen:
    But the bug doesn't show up if the first folder is on the right side of the bookmarks bar. The first folder must be on the left or max far as possible in the middle of the screen.

  • F... you. What could Russian Censorship Agency did to you if you didn't agree to work with Russian government? Block what? Your website which we open only when want to download browser? Your blog in russia in which you hadn't post anything for years? Your twitter (you still doesn't have one)? What they potentially could did to you? Congradulations with losing all russian market for disabling VPN. I hope someday russian government change and you can enable VPN again but this case won't be forgotten. That's was the whole point of using your browser: you could place any ads you want on main page, change default search engine, even add advertisement services and bookmarks as long as you kept free unlimited VPN available but now you disabled it for the whole country. I hope you won't at least rewrite your security configuration so the last russian users who didn't move to other browsers and paid VPNs can remove russian location from disabled vpn countries in application config. Anyway, deleting android app because there is no way found to enable VPN in it.

  • @vityaschel Several VPNs, including Opera VPN, were blocked by Russian authorities. Since the service can no longer be accessed from Russia, the feature/service was removed from Opera in Russia since there is no sense in keep offering a service that no longer works.

  • @teknomobil: video popup was replaced because it was not compatible anymore with new versions of chromium.
    But why they don't continue improving the new popup, that's the another question.

  • @jojo0587: Opera 77.0.4054.172 still have bug #1. In the same version, bug #2 appears, but not always. I think it's about the location of the first folder, but I'm not sure.

  • And the synchronization of extensions has not been done in any way for several years now. But they turned off the VPN in Russia. How long can I wait for extensions to sync? You will lose the last users. How much can I ask you about this? Patience is not rubber. Even the young EDGE is there, but the old Opera still does not. By the way, I've been using Opera for over 11 years. I do not need your built-in messengers, I do not need your built-in player, which works Only with certain sites, and not with any where there is music. I need a very useful and very convenient extension synchronization function, and many people need it. Without it, your browser is incomplete. Who am I writing this to? Opera will never implement this feature, as it does not value its users, and the admins never respond to this request. They only respond to other requests. Ugh, I'm disappointed in Opera. All the best!

  • GG WP. Removed from my PC. You sold yourself to the Russian authorities.

  • @vomax007: synchroization u need to download opera gx and syncronize

  • @netscapevo And why do I need Opera GX? It also lacks extension synchronization like Opera Beta and Opera Developer. This function is already in absolutely all browsers: Vivaldi, Yandex Browser, EDGE, Chrome, Firefox, and even unpopular ones based on Chromium, But Opera is ahead of the planet, and is not going to implement this function, which is the most necessary for me. Since every reinstallation of Windows OS, you have to install a bunch of extensions manually from two stores - Opera and Chrome, True, I found one extension in the Opera store - V7 Extension Manager, but this is not a way out of the situation. Opera is not a full-fledged browser without it. For so many years, the browser is older than some of the above, and on the Chromium engine Opera is already several years old, and they cannot implement a simple function. They have long been overtaken in this by other, younger Chromium browsers.

  • @teknomobil The old circle (Reborn3) Wallpapers are still there.