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  • Hello everyone, As a special treat, here’s an extra developer update for this week with a crash fix for DNA-92707. All the changes and improvements in this update are listed here. Installation links: Opera developer for Windows (Using the Opera developer for Windows installer means you have accepted the Opera for Computers EULA) Opera developer for…

    Read full blog post: Opera 77.0.4032.0 developer update

  • Creating topic

  • "DNA-92719 [WIN] Add flag to force disable DNA-91481 solution"

    What is this 91418 solution?

  • DNA-92670 Automatically remove duplicate builders when providing multiple bsids
    What is this bsids - (b)ull(s)..t (id) (s for plural), (b)ack (s)ide (id)iocyncrasie(s), or what else?

  • @ralf-brinkmann A solution that doesn't seem that have been implemented yet.

  • Something that irritates me (not only in this actual vdersion):
    I have over 60 tabs open. If I change tabs with the mouse and don't hit the middle of the wanted tab, the new tab is displayed with a slight delay, sometimes up to two seconds. If I get impatient and click on it again, the tab is closed. Switching between tabs with the keyboard shortcut works quickly and without any problems, but then I can only jump to the neighboring tab.
    W10x64, Operax64

  • @ralf-brinkmann You are not alone. I work aka change tabs/windows/functions/options quickly, very quickly, to the point Opera goes nuts sometimes. I had to reduce workspaces number lately. Opera started to appropriate my scarce resources like hell, I do knot know what's going on with the latest releases. I tried to pin the culprits in Opera, but to no avail.

    DNA is not helpful. BTW How to get a table with DNA numbers and descriptions? Where to look at? Is there a bug database? I'm going on uptight with every new Opera release. Few month ago I got no such problems with Operas' efficiency and functionality. Not more now. A flounder in a heavy fog with those secretive DNAs.

  • @leocg You do know it, but you promised to keep it to yourself only, or it's your real surmise only? You have been going to be very secretive lately. You are not helpful. I recon Opera forums is in a weird state thanks to you too. I'm interested in real knowledge about Opera, I do not need your assumptions. The whole Opera forums stinks lately. 👿

  • @pavelopdev I couldn't find DNA-91481 on the changelogs, so I guessed it's something not implemented yet.

    And maybe I know what it is, and can't say what it is.

  • @leocg
    And maybe I know what it is, and can't say what it is.

    Didn't you think about changing your job here? You have gotten stuck in it, instead of developing yourself. You waste your precious life time... Wish you the best, anyway.

  • @pavelopdev I don't have any job here.

  • Fix the visual issues related to HW acceleration and CSS.

  • The ability to delete a Recently Closed tab from the Search Tabs dropdown list (i.e., in the upper-right-hand corner, next to the Minimize icon) has evidently been eliminated in 77.0.4032.0. I've found this function very useful for clearing away clutter, and I'm sorry to see that it's been dropped. Can it be restored?

  • @pclaudel1 Yes, that's weird.
    I just noticed it, the option is very welcome.

  • Can't update the Opera dev version. Antivirus report it's a Ransomware, as unauthorized file encryption.

  • @chlan0321 How are you updating?

  • @leocg Even using opera://update/ to auto-update or download offline package to upgrade it, both reported as ransomware. Maybe it's false positive alert. I also ask the anti-virus provider and still waiting for the answer of it.

  • @chlan0321 You need to report it to the antivirus maker so they can fix the problem. And for now set the antivirus to not check Opera auto-updates.

  • @leocg
    The antivirus settings are locked by the administrator.

    After a while, I received rules update from the antivirus maker, and it's passed the check. Maybe you can delete this thread from the forum. And thanks for the help.

  • The breadcrumb issue from Opera Stable was corrected in Opera Developer. But...

    Opera Snapshot_2021-05-04_120720_bookmarks.png

    I have two remarks:

    1 Why I'm not able to copy the whole string?

    What I copied (marked words in screenshot above), it was pasted into editor Leafpad line by line (three words - three rows) and without slashes!. What it means the slashes were changed into \n (new line) characters.

    It's very bad solution.

    2 Why slash instead of angle bracket?

    Slash and backslash are used in system files defining pathnames without spaces. They are well recognized characters in that context and which are easily copied.

    In the meantime, for aesthetic aims, you added spaces which are not only bad-looking, but are not copied!

    They should be changed to chevron (angle bracket) which would create logical string of steps (equivalent of drop down hierarchy tree).

    Instead of Bookmarks bar / Geo / Volcanoes /

    Bookmarks bar / Geo / Volcanoes / 

    use chevron chars Bookmarks bar > Geo > Volcanoes >

    Bookmarks bar > Geo > Volcanoes > 

    I hope, I'd be able to copy/paste the whole string as one line string at last!