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The High CPU/RAM/GPU Usage Topic - Opera for Desktops

  • downgraded version 74.0.3911.160 ... everything is ok

  • @sgunhouse HI,I had a problem while the browser was running a long time after launch.

  • @alexdmake They tell me there was a bad update to one of the built-in extensions. They have a new update, but you have to force it to check. Go to menu > Extensions > Extensions, enable Developer mode, and click on the Update button.

  • @sgunhouse Yes everything is OK. thank

  • I shut down the macbook last night and opened this morning; a few tabs in and all in sleep mode (i had to activate the extensions and adblockers back). Despite all of the tabs being in sleep mode, the fans are still running high. Sometimes they get really low, to the point they seem like they're going to stop, but as soon as I start working on anything small, they rise up again.

    This never happened with Opera before unless I was doing some heavy work, or had multiple apps like Adobe in the background. Right now I have nothing except Opera (and currently chrome for writing this).

    Please help!

    (And once again, I'm writing this from Chrome, because like I wrote in a previous thread, I get an error when trying to log in here from Opera)

  • The problem is now gone. Open Opera, wait few minutes and force close it. After that it should be updated. But it's crazy to waste so much time on this (migrating to other browser when that happens), so I'll just stick with the other one now, hard to trust Opera after that sh**** action.

  • @limpemu Actually it no longer crashes for me nowadays, except the occasional tab crash. It still takes up huge resources, primarily RAM, though. It is therefore difficult to say what was causing the crashes. However, I do use the Opera task manager all the time, and some tabs do cause very high RAM and CPU usage. Extensions are not the culprit in my case.

    In the case of GPU acceleration, as long as the browser doesn't crash I don't see a reason to turn it off, since it offloads some resources from the already-overused CPU. However, it's a good idea to try this if you are still experiencing crashes.

  • @alobpreis said in The High CPU/RAM/GPU Usage Topic - Opera for Desktops:

    This started maybe an hour ago. I noticed one of the opera.exe processes was using 25% of the CPU (4 cores), so I closed probably "heavy" pages, but nothing changed. Opened Opera's task manager, and only thing using the CPU is the browser itself with 100%. So I close Opera and that single opera.exe process remains in memory, still consuming 25%.

    Without having updated Opera, this is not happening anymore, so I guess it was related to some Opera server as mentioned above or maybe a hidden internal extension.

  • How much RAM does Opera normally consume (takes me 800MB, almost 1GB)

  • @kevinmau UT may depend on a lot of things.