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Allow disabling of default search engine hotkeys

  • I was trying to look for a show called "B Positive" and every time I typed in my search, I would get switched to bing and it would delete the B and just search for Positive. This is very annoying and serves no purpose for me so I would like to be able to disable this. I'm using Opera GX and I like everything else about the browser so far other than that.

  • @nakina Are we talking about searching from the address bar or have you enabled the search bar?

    Of course you could have typed the key for your preferred search engine first, or put it in quotes (to search for the phrase) - when looking for a title or lyric probably a good idea anyway.

    Come to think of it, I believe someone else has already requested this (a Polish user, in Polish "w" is a word), you should look for that thread and add your support to his request.

  • @sgunhouse I use the address bar to search. I'll try to find that thread you mentioned too thanks.

  • you have this problem because you cannot Edit "opera://settings/searchEngines" like chrome.
    Opera has "Make Default" only when you click on three dots.

  • @viewer2012 My problem isn't with setting a default search engine, it's not being able to turn off the hotkey shortcuts for the other default engines that are integrated into the browser. Typing a b for instance forces the search to go through Bing even though Google is set as my default search engine. That's why I'm asking for a way to disable those hotkeys to be added. I hope this cleared things up.

  • @nakina i know about your problem. if opera has "Edit" feature on three dots like chrome, you need change "b" Keyword to "" for example like chrome:
    if you type "B Positive", you find results about it in google, but if you type " B Positive", you find Bing results.
    chrome has "remove from list" too if you want disable another search engines.

  • @viewer2012 The whole point of this post is so I can have the option to do exactly that. The default search engines that are included with opera cannot be edited like that currently. You can only edit hotkeys for ones that you add yourself.

  • @nakina Just ignore @viewer2012 If he can't be bothered to read the original post then he has nothing to add.

  • @sgunhouse you're wrong. there was another typic for this, but it was about request help not request feature:
    link text
    (From 2018)
    my mistake was about Request feature (Nakina's post) and Request help (like bug-feature's post).
    but my post added viewers to this request at least.