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Change keyword for default search engines

  • Hi, I'm trying to go back to Opera after few years of absence and I'm trying to personalize it slightly but It seems to have blocked defautl search engines which blocks my usual keywords for them.
    I would like to use "y" keyword for youtube, not yahoo but I cannot change that - is that possible?

    If not - why? Isn't Opera supposed to be user-oriented and easy to customize? at least what I remembered Opera wanted to be 🙂


  • @bug-feature said in Change keyword for default search engines:

    I would like to use "y" keyword for youtube, not yahoo but I cannot change that - is that possible?

    No. Any sneaky way you might find to change it, Opera will just force it back to the default keyword. Try Vivaldi instead. It's based on Chromium too, but it lets you do what you want.

    Just a guess, but Opera likes to protect the default searches for security reasons and for search engine deal reasons.

  • @burnout426 Thanks for your reply, shame it looks like this. It's not a big deal but kind of disappointing that they won't let me personalize it the way I want..

  • If you enable opera://flags/#new-md-settings to make Opera's settings look like Chrome's, you can edit the default searches and change their keywords or remove the default searches. You can even change the keyword for Yahoo to ya and then add a Youtube search and set it to y. But, on startup of Opera, it'll revert those changes on you.

  • That flag is enabled by default in Opera now (if Opera Developer / Opera 55). But, you still can't keep the changes.

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