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[Solved]Recovering Lost Tabs after Restart?

  • Re: Recover lost tabs

    Uhm, help? I've googled for the solution and was directed to the above as the primary response (according to Google) but it does not seem to work! The files that solution directs you to find and copy, do not exist!

    Microsoft just did an update to Windows 10, and so I had to close Opera. It said it would save my tabs and reopen them the next time I opened Opera so I went ahead and closed it, then let Windows do its update and restart my computer.

    After all was said and done, I reopened Opera and offer me a chance to restore my Tabs a now they seem to be gone. I go to History and there is no "Restore last Session" or "Reopen previous Tabs" or whatever.

    I've not yet closed Opera again since re-opening after the windows update and PC restart; though I have opened a few tabs while googling for a solution!

    To make things worse, while attempting to follow the instructions in the above linked solution and opening opera://about - Opera then did an unexpected update on itself and downloaded a new version and is prompting me to close and reopen Opera to apply its own update!

    How do I get my previous Tabs back?!

  • Hello, so I was using the Opera browser, when it crashed, I started it on again, didnt open but, showed me a dialog about not having rights, something like that. After dismissing it, I clicked again on browser to open it, this time it opened but with nothing, none of my tabs were opened, and this in every context window.
    Is there a way to recover them ?

    Version of opera 73.0.3856.344

  • @nazrex
    There is no function to "edit" my post...

    I said:
    "After all was said and done, I reopened Opera and offer me a chance to restore my Tabs a now they seem to be gone. I go to History and there is no "Restore last Session" or "Reopen previous Tabs" or whatever."

    It was meant to read as:
    After all was said and done, I reopened Opera and it did not offer me a chance to restore my Tabs a now they seem to be gone. I go to History and there is no "Restore last Session" or "Reopen previous Tabs" or whatever.

  • In Opera, goto the URL opera://about and take note of the "profile" path. Then, close Opera. Then, navigate to Opera's profile directory in Windows Explorer and look in the "sessions" folder. You will see timestamped tabs and session files. You can try deleting the newest one of each so that Opera uses the older ones. If the older ones still have your opened tabs in them, you should get your tabs back. If not, you're out of luck.

    You can try to just mess with the "tabs" files if you want. You can also look at each file in a text editor and search for some of the URLs for your lost tabs to see if it'd even help to rename the files.

  • @nazrex You can edit your post, but only for about half an hour. After that, a moderator would have to do it for you.

    If Opera is forced to close, it generally restarts where it left off. But obviously sometimes it fails ...

    Look at Help > About Opera to find the location of your "profile". If you copy that path and paste it in the Location bar of a file browser window, you'll find a subfolder named Sessions. Looking at my own, I see to session folders and two tabs folders - if you see files with a time of just before you restarted, make copies of them somewhere else. If all your files are older or newer, then I don't know what to do - I suppose you could try to find the right pages in History, but if there were a lot of tabs that may not work well.

    If you did find a session and tabs file with the right time, I suppose you could make sure Opera is set to Retain tabs from previous session, then close Opera, delete the more recent session and tabs files and make sure your old files are there (if they were removed replace them with the copies you made), then when you restart Opera it should think those are your orevious tabs.

  • On Windows, the profile path is probably:

    C:\Users\yournamehere\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable\

    So the folder to examine is:

    C:\Users\yournamehere\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable\Sessions\

    In there, you'll probably find two "Session_" files, and two "Tabs_" files. The sizes of the files are hints as to which ones have all your open windows/tabs (big files contain lots of tabs/windows).

    You'll probably find that the newest ones are small, and the oldest ones are larger; if that is the case, then deleting the new/small ones may enable Opera to recover your tabs/windows.

    Chrome works the same way, but I've found that to get Chrome to prompt me with an offer to recover the closed tabs/windows, it needs to have been aborted, rather than closed gracefully, the last time it closed -- and killing it from Task Manager does NOT work to cause an abort! I have to kill it from Process Explorer, instead! I don't know whether the same thing is true with Opera, but I assume that it probably is.

    So, if Opera loses your open tabs & windows, my recommendation is that you do the following:

    First, save a copy of the contents of this folder (probably four files), to a temporary location somewhere:

    C:\Users\yournamehere\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable\Sessions\

    Second , abort Opera using Process Explorer.

    Third, delete the new/small Tabs_* and perhaps Session_* files, leaving the older/larger versions, in the "C:\Users\yournamehere\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable\Sessions" folder.

    Fourth, restart Opera, and allow it to restore your closed tabs/windows.

    If that doesn't recover them, you can go back to the Second step above (abort Opera), then restore your saved Tabs_* and/or Session_* files into the "C:\Users\yournamehere\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable\Sessions" folder, and try deleting different one(s) (e.g., perhaps just the latest Tabs_* file).

    (Note: I cobbled together a .bat script which runs whenever Windows restarts, to save the contents of the last few versions of Chrome's Sessions folder, to further reduce the risk of losing them. I haven't bothered to do the same thing with Opera, yet, but I probably will, because I'm starting to use Opera more and more.)

  • @sgunhouse said in Recovering Lost Tabs after Restart?:

    Looking at my own, I see to session folders and two tabs folders -

    I only have 1 folder for "sessions" and it has 4 files in it... two called "sessions_XXXXXXX" and two called "tabs_xxxxxxxx" .. where the x's are a long sequence of numbers.

    Presuming, from everyone's replies, I just copy paste these (into a temp backup folder) and then delete the originals... then copy/paste the larger two, back into the original sessions folder... which based on the timestamp on those files, I think I know which one I want!

    Then after all that, restart Opera.

  • It worked!

    Thanks guys!

    All my missing tabs have been restored!

  • @burnout426 Didnt work probably tried too late, but thank you, I will know what to do if it ever happens again.

  • @ncdave4life The browser often overwrites such files (including backup ones) if the session is damaged/corrupted and it is not possible to restore recently/last opened tabs. Only "History" remains...

  • Hi guys. Nothing new, i have lost my session and all my opened tabs. Okay, with GetDataBack i founded my deleted session_xxxxx and tabs_xxxxx, how to recovery it to read by Opera again? I deleted my newest session and tabs files and then put the older ones, which i restored. Not working! Opera don't want to read it and just overwrite them to the new files with new names. I tried to kill process of Opera and then renamed my older files to the new names, replaced it, not working! What i gonna do now more?


  • You should make sure that the settings for your Opera browser are set to reload the tabs after each session.

    You should use: Menu > Settings > Startup > Reload > Reload Last Session.

    Hope this helps!

  • @sunlord said in [Solved]Recovering Lost Tabs after Restart?:

    ... with GetDataBack i founded my deleted session_xxxxx and tabs_xxxxx

    They can be corrupted (overwritten on disk already - data recovery programs can't recover such data properly) and if they are, then Opera won't accept them. Unfortunately they are not text files, but in some unknown binary format, thereby no possibilty to change them manually either.

  • @ncdave4life I have been working all my life on Chrome and now also Opera, but this type of solution never works properly. Again Repeat: Never!
    I had a problem with the session, not once or twice. Certainly many times.
    The browser, even if it is rock stable - it can always crash (some bugs always exist), there are no perfect browsers.
    If the session cannot be restored. Run Again Opera/Chrome Freeze my browser again and the session is overwritten because you couldn't click the "Restore!" Button. Auto Click "Restore /Recovery Button Not Support !
    How can you click "Restore" when you only see a white window containing the browser?
    Also remember !: The session will never recover, never if "Internal Error". You only have One Or two chances. If it fails the first time. The last resort is to quickly open the folder and copy all files so that the browser doesn't overwrite the "Last Possible" session.
    You can open this file in a Text Editor and extract all URLs with a special expression.