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  • Hey everyone, I've been using opera for almost 2 years now with nothing but good feedback from me. For the past year I enabled reopen tabs when I open Opera. I gathered up to 130 tabs all of which were important (Yes I'm aware that's a stupid number but all had a purpose). Before I just had a catastrophic issue, Opera crashed and the tabs are nowhere to be seen, no pinned tabs, not in my history, not in the tab menu.
    That's a full year of stuff just completely gone in an instant.
    If there's any way I can get them all back then I'll be eternally grateful. Thanks

  • If you haven't closed Opera yet since you started Opera back up after the crash:

    • Click the tab menu to the left of the minimize button near the top-right of Opera's Window. See if all your tabs are in the Recently Closed list. If so, you can choose to reopen them one by one.

    If they're not there:

    • Goto the URL opera://about and take note of the "profile" path.

    • In Windows Explorer, goto the profile folder. Right-click the "Last Session" file and open it in Notepad. Do the same with the "Last Tabs" file.

    If the URLs for your tabs are not in those files, you're out of luck. If they are, do the following:

    • Select the "Last Session" and "Last Tabs" files, right-click the selection, choose "copy", right-click on your desktop and choose "paste". Then, close Opera.

    • In Opera's profile folder, delete the "Last Session", "Last Tabs", "Current Session" and "Current Tabs" files.

    • On your desktop, rename "Last Session" to "Current Session" and "Last Tabs" to "Current Tabs".

    • On your desktop, select the "Current Session" and "Current Tabs" files, right-click the selection, choose "copy", right-click inside Opera's profile folder, and choose "paste".

    • Then, you can start Opera and your tabs should be back. If not, check the tab menu and reopen them one by one.

    Now, if you've already closed Opera, you're probably out of luck. But, you can open the "Last Session","Last Tabs", "Current Session" and "Current Tabs" files in Notepad anyway and see if any of them contain your URLs. If the "Last Session" and "Last Tabs" files do, you can get rid of "Current Session" and "Current Tabs" and rename "Last Session" and "Last Tabs" to "Current Session" and "Current Tabs". If "Current Session" and "Current Tabs" contain the URLs, you can copy those files to a safe place where maybe someone can make you a tool to extract the URLs out the files for you.

  • For the future, you can install Session Buddy in Opera. It'll automatically save your current session where you should be able to restore it after a crash. You can also manually save a session every once in a while for use as a backup.

    Another thing you can do is to right-click on a tab and choose to "Save all tabs as a Speed Dial folder". You can then right-click the folder on the start page and edit its title. Then, if you ever lose your open tabs, you can right-click the folder and tell Opera to open up all the URLs in the folder. Also, since speed dials are just bookmarks, if you goto the URL opera://bookmarks, you can drag a speed dial folder to "other bookmarks" to get it off of your start page. But, you'll still be able to right-click the folder and open everything in it. Since this is a manual thing, you'll want to save your open tabs as a folder now and then to keep things at least somewhat up to date. Then, you can delete the older folder as it'll be out of date.

    Another thing you can do is copy the "Current Session", "Current Tabs", "Last Session" and "Last Tabs" files while Opera is closed every once in a while so you have a backup of your session with all your opened tabs.

  • Thanks for the info burnout426. Sadly I had restarted my PC before recovering the tabs (I'm guessing that deleted the Last Session file as they did not reopen) and I had no idea about the features that would prevent this from happening. I always expected 'Retain tabs from previous session' to save me from crashes.
    Thanks anyway, at least I know now.

  • Another thing you do:

    The next time Opera crashes (either by itself or due to a system crash), before you start Opera, copy its session and tabs files to a safe place. That way, if you start Opera and your tabs are gone, you can close Opera replace "Current Session and "Current Tabs" with copies of the backup "Last Session" and "Last Tabs" that you just made.