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  • Thank you!
    The capability to remember the size & position of a PIP window dragged to a second monitor got lost again. I'm requesting a fix! 🙂

  • History still a day off...

    While you're at searches, please add a thumbnail search in the Speed Dial.

  • Because I largely use IDM, I hadn't paid noticed the Easy Files feature. Now that I do a search in Opera Help, then a Google search for exactly how to use it -- not just a description that says how easy it is to use 1-2-3-4 -- I'm coming up with nothing. All I'm seeing inside the browser with the Download list is that the thumbnails to the right take me to the correct folder but not to the file itself. And there's nothing about attaching. I'm tempted to say that if this experienced Opera user can't find it, how would someone a lot newer? But maybe I'm missing something obvious (wouldn't be the first time :).

  • @sgrandin Easy Files is for when you are uploading files. It shows a list of the more recently downloaded/saved files according to what you are uploading.

  • @plovec: After three or four quick tests I confirm, hopefully a fix is on its way,

  • As usual, "stable" release is anything but stable. For some reason Opera closes on its own now for unknown reason. This time no opera://flags are in non-default state. And as usual, rolling back to previous version breaks some extensions data.
    Opera once again proves that they fail at testing and don't know what "stable" means.

  • Unfortunately, still after deleting all history (only) the thumbnails on the tabs turn white. This happens when I delete all history in basic and advanced mode, then close my browser and reopen it. The cards were dormant in the background (but it probably doesn't matter). In other contexts the same thing happens, but sometimes some cards have miniatures for some reason. After all, it shouldn't be like this when I just delete history.
    I am using this version, the newest stable (portable).
    Windows 10 64bit 20H2 19042.789 stable.


  • Can anyone answer me why there are so many renderer processes?


  • @leocg: Obviously it's for uploading. The question is how to use it! As I pointed out, the thumbnail on the right takes the user to the folder in which the download went, but not to the download itself. Is that all there is to this Easy Files?

  • @sgrandin: I think the mention of email, above, should be Webmail. Easy Files only works with pages displayed by Opera which have some sort of Upload button, as found on Twitter and Facebook, if you use those. I used to use File-Ex by Cottonwood Software, which allowed quick navigation to one's most-used folders for saving and opening files.

    When searching for information about the Enhanced Address Bar, it wasn't much help that many were referring to it as BABE.

  • @jozop: You might want to check The Marvellous Suspender extension for Chrome. I was going to suggest The Great Suspender, but it's recently been compromised and withdrawn.

  • Are there any prospects for adding vertical tabs in Opera? This would be very useful.

  • Is there any plan to extend amount of Workspaces?
    Please notice this is limited to 5 only, whereas users can have more topics than 5 where would like to open tabs per category.
    Would be nice to have possibility to add more Workspaces.

  • @piomiq You can create up to 24 workspaces.

  • @kened If you are sort of unique clairvoyant able to see over horizon, yes. There are large if not endless prospects for all options. Not vertical tabs only. 😉 Otherwise stop dreaming. 🙂

  • On the current and recent Stable builds I am no longer able to share a YouTube by clicking on the share button or arrow under the YouTube. When I do click it, the screen dims, almost to black. Another click and it reverts to normal. The only way I can share is to use sharing app or to copy and paste the URL. Running Windows 7.

    Any suggestions?

  • @leocg: thank you for replying. i did also see some references to ARM in the patch notes for some releases. for now brave is running a whole lot better on the m1, but i'm looking forward to moving back to opera when there is a native ARM version

  • @kmielczarczyk

    Addition to my post above:

    ... and Twitter.

    For example : When you do a Area around a Tweet or a Button, every Element, the left and right selection is not correctly.

  • @pavelopdev: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Keep hope alive!!!!

  • I hope that Opera will update Chromium engine to 88.0.4324.150 soon as there are some 0-day vulnerabilities...