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Opera 70 comes with easier access to closed tabs, simpler searches, and new Workspace icons

  • Well, my browser just updated to version 70 today. The recently closed tabs button is gone. I'm already missing it. Please reinstate it or at least give us the option to enable it. We can't all be wrong!

  • This post is deleted!
  • @1deluks Use English here

  • I need opera://flags/#search-in-open-tabs !!!

  • Can you, or anyone who forces such revolutionary features like this another meaningless release, give us an example of when "Search in Tabs" could be used? Should I have some form of psychiatric disorder to use this button the way it's described?

    "Recently closed", please.

  • @paweljuchnik: Christ. I thought it has been already discontinued. So is this you who always asks for similar buttons that no one else uses in this browser?

  • @mrhitsumaru said:

    Return the "recently closed tabs" The new one is garbage


  • Btw, could more attention be payed to non-English threads like the following, please.куда-делась-кнопка-недавно-закрытые-вкладки-вместо-нее-какой-то-ненужный-поиск-по-вкладкам/69
    In general, could more attention be payed to, say, national communities where Opera represents larger market shares (historically or due to current need of VPN)?

  • I went back to the previous version of Opera (69...) and disabled auto-update and probably will never turn it back on again. ThAnK yOu To ThE dEvElOpErS for disabling the closed tabs menu. thumb_up

  • @greyreth What do you mean? Search in tabs can be used to, as the name says, search for a specific tab. It can be very helpful when you have lots of tabs opened, like that many users that used to post here complaining that it was very difficult to find a tab in Opera when there are too many tabs opened.

  • @greyreth You can search for closed tabs too.

  • Please reinstate it or at least give us the option to enable it

  • If they removed the flag, it's very possible that the code is also removed (or will be removed soon).

  • Please return the option recently closed tabs without it hard very

  • I want the closed tabs button back. This stupid magnifying glass icon in its place only gives me 3 recently closed tabs (how dumb is that).

    I did not ask for a list of open tabs (I can see my tabs continuously) and the polite thing to have done would have been to only make a list of open tabs an option, without taking away the closed tabs button). Seriously why disrupt what works and what people are used to? Are you trying to drive people away from Opera?

  • @leocg
    I repeat again: it sounds like a kind of illness "I've opened so many tabs, I don't remember how many and why, now I gonna search through them with key words". What?
    I cannot search for closed tabs. I work with databases, they contain dozens of pages similar from the point of view of the search function, having similar headings, containing the same keywords, no one will have a desire to sort the search results. I use torrent trackers and use filters to get a list of the maybe-pages-I-need, some of them then appear to be not the ones, I close them, then, having checked the rest, I still want to get to those pages I had initially rejected. These are the cases. What you have for "search in tabs" is not a normal case for a normal person to behave.

  • Well, with the removal of the closed tabs button i'm only one step away to switching to other browser and literally the only 2 things that really hold me back are the best bookmarks system and the "click-on-tab-to-scroll-to-the-top" feature at this point.

    It's cool when you try and experiment with features, just like that scrolling feature i just mentioned
    But it's not cool when you do that in spite of the users backlash and never turn back
    it's not like people didn't complain about closed tabs feature being locked behind opera:flags

  • "Closed tabs" was very helpfull. Please return this option back

  • Daily and quite actively I'm using the following features:

    1. search/copy popup
    2. click on tab to scroll to the top and back
    3. right click 'search with' custom search engines
    4. TabMenu, of course
    5. speed dial page.
    6. In O58 I use enhanced address bar(quick action buttons)
    7. Rarely I use video pop-out (after the replacement with Chromium's one I almost don't use it).

    I started to look for alternative browser after the Reborn3 announcement (I was shocked by the look of the UI when it first appeared on Developer stream, I don''t believe that it was made by the same people who made previous 'Reborns'), but without much success.
    I hoped to switch to Edge (Chromium) because I like the Edge's dark theme and UI very much, but I miss my daily features. There are some nice start page (speed dials) replacements in extensions store, but the other features are less attractive and I like when features are built in.
    Opera started to have a bad habit of removing/breaking old and stable features. I don't know were these features above invented/developed/implemented by the same people who currently rule in Opera or by other team, but the features are really useful and developed with the users interests.
    Nowadays experience shows that already existing useful features suffer from its 'usefulness', so there's a treat that the features above will suffer also in future and will be removed or replaced by something that looks attractive on 'paper', but actually useless on practice. I blocked the updates and waiting for the TabMenu 'resurrection' in the form of new 'Search in tabs' popup, By the way, as I already mentioned in the blog, the new Search in tabs doesn't even show a currently active tab (the first item is always highlighted while opening the popup), also there's no opportunity to close open tabs,