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Extension upgrade requires additional permissions...

  • @leocg

    Before I sign out completely and back in, should I select 'not watching' or 'ignoring?'

  • Hidden extensions, that collect data from the websites you visit and that you can't disable, and you did not give permissions to install in the first place ???

    Seriously, is this how it ends for Opera?

    This is what I have after running opera with that option --....

    Rich Hints Agent
    Aliexpress observer
    Amazon promotion
    Background worker
    Chromium PDF Viewer
    Google Hangouts
    News feed handler
    Onboarding popup
    Opera Crypto Wallet
    Rate Opera
    Video handler


  • @duncanm Hi, as several other people have mentioned, the "C:\Program Files\Opera\launcher.exe -show-component-extension-options" doesn't allow us to work it. It keeps saying "The name... specified in the Target box is not valid. Make sure the path and file name are correct"
    and then when you load the entire thing into the "run" box it only opens Opera and nothing happens.
    so, is this different for others?

  • @sporty78 It depends on you, choose the one that will do what you need.

  • @xtorbax same. Some clarification would be welcome, especially since the "Source" tab of Rich Hints Agent says "Added by a third-party".

  • @mdlegato i did the same and deleted the folder

  • @mdlegato
    I followed your advice, I deleted the file that had those Items, then rebotted Opera, received that same message, hit the "update" botton and now the pop-up is gone completely. Thanks, the others' advice never worked. Also, my laptop never has shown the Rich Hints Agent at all, so I guess I am lucky, or it just refuses to show anything hidden.

  • As far as I tested, the problem has now been fixed by the Opera developers.

  • @johnd78 Still doing it for me 😞 Actually, I hadn't seen it for awhile, and it just started up again.

  • What extension? What permissions? Sure I'll accept, but how?

    This reminds me of the perfidious Windows bug where you might see the error message, "The system cannot find the file specified." What system? Which file? Specified by whom?

    This is a bug I tell you, and I call on Opera developers / extension developers to grep through the source looking for that string. Find the code and add a sprintf() statement that would insert the name of the extension, at the very least.


  • Having exactly the same issue but on a Mac.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve on a Mac??

    Hoping that this is a bug that will be fixed, otherwise.

    Also, FYI, the folder names in my bookmarks bar are also not showing now when not an active window.

    I think this latest version of Opera has COVID-19 and needs treatment.

  • @135mech

    That means you need a space between .exe and the launch command.

  • @duncanm I tried multiple variations of it, and it refuses to let it save. I found a work around and it worked on mine. Thanks though!

  • Good day. I have a problem. Today, such a red dot appeared in the sidebar at the extension. It is said that the extensions need to be updated. But when I clicked it, I didn't see anything like that. Does anyone know what to do with it?
    I also use some add-ons from the Google Store Extension

  • @Toliiin Hi, as far as I tested, this issue should be fixed at this point. Close the browser and start it again. If it doesn't work, you can try use this method as a temporary solution.

  • We’re sorry for that issue. It was caused by one of our internal extensions. A fix has already been released, and the message should no longer appear.

    A few words about our internal extensions, as the topic raises some concerns: Hidden extensions are an integral part of the browser and all are made by Opera (none is third-party software). We use this technology to implement a variety of functionality, just as we do in the native code. Extensions simplify some tasks and allow for more flexibility (e.g. we are able to release a fix without releasing a major update). In situations when performance is not critical we consider using an extension if it’s reasonable, so the required permission is nothing to worry about.

  • @Toliiin See comment from the Opera developers.

  • @pkudla

    Thanks for finally notice and inform us, but is it really 100% solved? I don't see the big drop down main extension update message, but the small red dot in the sidebar is still there. Does not help try use the update option in the developer mode in extensions. Restart the browser or also try manually update the browser does not help.

    alt text

  • I got this message once. I clicked the link to Extensions, and looked around. I couldn't find anything to update, so I just ignored it. It hasn't come back. Though I think I'm missing one - the Avira antivirus extension.