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  • Make not active workspace have some indicator that it has opened some tabs. I really don't use it just because I would forget about it otherwise. Like a dot on a workspace with tabs opened, that is not currently selected. I would use them if You do that.

  • Please allow the option to select the sorting of tiles so that the new tile is always on top. When a user has more than 100 tiles, then I have to spend a lot of time to add a new one. If adding a tile is on top, then I will spend no more than 1 second on it.

  • Why is there white lines between each tab now? It looks very very very disconcerting in dark themed opera. Will this be addressed?

  • @leocg: translating: Now Opera is my favorite Browser. Don't use all Memory from my pc like Chrome and FireFox... Having good extensions, all good! I love it, Tks! PS.: The weather in initial page was amazing.

  • @osloawesome This is true. I literally have no idea why don't all the Chrome people use Opera. It's basically Chrome, but better. Literally. The same engine with less memory eating, and more features at the same time. And You can always use Chrome extensions in Opera.

  • @smokofenek well that's a good question, I think it's just convenience, people in general don't literally look for why I'll use my PC, NB, CP, .. the best possible way, they just use and how Android has Chrome so My Pc will too. And as a developer something would be usefull for beginers "F12" button, but I prefer Opera. 🙂

  • @osloawesome Chrome generally isn't bad browser. But there are people who tried Opera, yet they didn't like it. I dunno, design? But all those new browsers look very similar and design doesn't matter that much. I can easily switch between any browser. And I have used about 30 different browsers Some of them doesn't exist now. If it's useful, why not use it? If the browser works different way like FireFox for example, I can understand. But Chrome and Opera? They work the very same way. When I was first told that only 4% of people use Opera I thought it's a joke. I thought of maybe a bit less than Chrome or below FireFox. But just that? It's unbelievable as this browser is IMO the most useful in any way. Superior to Chrome. Other things are, as I said, matter of choice. FF works differently, Vivaldi is different, Brave too... but Opera could have been at least similar to Chrome in popularity, if not better.

    Still, Opera isn't perfect. There is many things they could or maybe should have done better. But they are still making new things. Chrome is basically the same for ages. Does anything changed in Chrome in past 5 years? Opera added many new features. Useful or not (You can always disable what You don't use).

    I hope they will make workspaces better, with the idea I gave higher in the comment section. Or even something other people mentioned.

  • @horaink If you are using Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial the latest version of Opera can't be downloaded and installed using APT due to a dependency problem involving libgtk. Opera 69 needs libgtk-3.19.12 and Xenial only has libgtk-3.18.9 which is dangerous to upgrade and not something to do rashly. If you want to keep using Opera 69 and above you have to download the latest deb package from the Opera website and either extract it to a directory with file roller and run it from there using the terminal or a custom made shortcut, or, alternatively extract, alter and rebuild the deb package as described here:

    Then install it manually.

    (All updates in future will need to be done by the same means.)

    Everything seems to work perfectly, for me at least, other than a highlight missing from the Opera menu when using the dark theme. In my view Opera is such a great browser that the small investment of time described above is well worth it until next April when Xenial reaches the end of its long term support.

    A real pity that the Opera team never noticed the problem however because on Xenial Opera stops offering updates from its repository without any warning leaving huge numbers of loyal Opera aficionados in the dark about what has happened.

  • @elionel said in Opera 69 comes with built-in Twitter:

    Please allow the option to select the sorting of tiles so that the new tile is always on top. When a user has more than 100 tiles, then I have to spend a lot of time to add a new one. If adding a tile is on top, then I will spend no more than 1 second on it.

    I feel like this would be a really good QoL change!

  • I have serious issue. The flow stopped working for me since I updated browser. Also I couldn't update via Update tab. It said:

    Your version is 69.0.3686.77
    Checking for updates…

    Check for update

    The "Check for update" button was greyed out and I couldn't do anything. And the checking could be like that forever. It's still like that.
    After I downloaded Opera 69 manually, I can't set up flow. My PC just stopped working, even if I already had paired it. I can't pair it, even if I removed all the devices. No matter if I update via scan or manually write the code. It's like that since the update.

    Both version (Opera Touch and Opera for Windows) are the newest versions. I even manually re-downloaded Opera from the main site (because automatic update still doesn't work for me).

  • The latest version of Opera doesn't work on LTS Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial or any of the variants that are built upon it, e.g., Linux Mint 18.x. Why? Because the new Opera unnecessarily uses a version of libgtk later than that of Xenial which doesn't reach its end of support until next April. Opera 69 needs libgtk-3.19.12 and Xenial only has libgtk-3.18.9 which is difficult and dangerous to upgrade and not something to do rashly, certainly not to run one particular application no matter how good it is. There are thousands and thousands of Xenial users out there which use Opera that now cannot install the latest and later versions of the browser using APT or from DEB packages without taking them apart, altering and rebuilding them so that they can be installed and made to work with libgtk-3.18.9. Opera 69 does work with Xenial's version of libgtk for the most part apart from an issue with the drop-down menu accessible via the Opera button, namely the option highlight is dark and opaque.

    If the next version of Opera could be tweaked to use libgtk-3.18.9, at least until Xenial's support ceases, the browser could be updated and installed as before pretty much automatically, with the operating system, via APT. Thousands upon thousands of longstanding Opera users who have relied on that browser for years would be grateful I assure you.

    Thank you.

  • @darroch As far as know, that is a Chromium dependency.

  • Is there a way I can add Ecosia as my main search engine?

  • @manu There isn't.

  • @leocg: The latest version of Vivaldi, based on Chromium 83.0.4103.119, installs and works perfectly on Xenial. And Opera 69 also works on Xenial without much of a problem, the only thing wrong seems to be a missing highlight bar on the Opera menu not being visible when using the Opera's dark theme. Because Opera is so good I am willing to download DEB packages manually and rebuild them, so that they install in the usual way, to run on Xenial until something else changes or Xenial's support ends in April 2021. Still, it would have been nice if Opera 69+ could have been finessed to enable it to update with the operating system, rather than manually, because a lot of people won't be bothered to unpack, alter and repack the DEB package to keep Opera, which is a pity because it really is the best browser in the world in my opinion.

  • you just deleted all my speed-dial bookmarks to force some crap i dont want upon me 😠 not f'n happy

  • It doesn't work like that. If they want to add new speed dials none of the old ones are removed.

  • you might think that @sgunhouse, but you fail to realise that as an >insert authority fallacy here< on this subject, i know what i am looking at, its a blank speed-dial page

  • @shaneyshane Did you already checked the topic about it? The Speed Dials are probably in Other Speed Dials in the Bookmarks page.

  • Can I disable this snapshot feature with Print Screen shortcut? Because I use Windows 10 snap tool, it uses same button.