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Workspaces are empty in separate window

  • First of all, thanks for Workspace - this is THE feature I'd like to have for a long time since old Opera's tabs grouping!
    But for now, it works improperly. Here are the steps to reproduce.

    1. Open Opera.
    2. Create 3 or 4 Workspaces and add some tabs to them.
    3. Create new window.
    4. Now none of Workspaces shows any tab - they are just empty.

    Opera Developer 68.0.3616.0.

  • I can confirm. But, I'm not sure what Opera intends the behavior to be in this case. I'm thinking workspaces are just meant to separate tabs in the current window where you can have different tabs in each window. As in, before workspaces (or with them turned off), if you open a new window, your existing tabs don't get recreated in the new window, so they still won't get recreated in the new window with workspaces turned on.

    Again though, not sure what Opera's intent is.

  • @sektorl Not sure but I guess that new window and its tabs will be part of the workspace you are currently on.

  • @burnout426, @leocg Kinda agree, but the problem is that workspaces, created in new window, also show up in the, let's say, main window. Thus, after closing Opera and re-opening it again, I see also workspaces which were created in the new window, but they are empty.
    This means that tabs are assigned to window rather than workspace itself. This is counterintuitive since I could not understand why workspaces do exist but they are empty. I think this thing should be improved for better user experience.

  • I agree that the current setup is a little counter-intuitive. Workspaces make more sense as a master grouping of both Windows and Tabs. So when you flip to a new workspace, it would replace all of your open windows and tabs with new ones, truly shuffling you to a new task or part of your day, and freeing up those system resources.

    For example, you might be working with stocks in the morning, and have 300 tabs open across a bunch of windows. Lots of graphs, lots of pages with company info. Then after market closes, you might flip to some research and articles, and have 50 tabs open across a couple windows. Then in the evening you might flip to an entertainment workspace, which has your favourite fanfics, YouTube channels and web comics open, plus some DnD research - only 100-150 tabs there across a bunch of windows. And finally when you need to, flip to your shopping workspace for your next computer upgrade or some purchases, which might also have 50-150 tabs open. (Since wishlists suck and randomly empty themselves at many eStores. Amazon excluded.)

    I would also use it for the occasional work project, like maintaining some websites for businesses. Right now I use tab folders that can open 10-20 pages, but I am annoyed by that as when I make new folders the old ones are always moved around. I'm used to Firefox/PaleMoon where they get added to the end, not rearranging stuff as you add more. The window for adding them is also so tiny, I can never see their names (should be 3-4x as wide and as tall as possible) - and it lacks F2 renaming, and doesn't keep folders open to subfolders, so organization-on-the-fly is hard - I would definitely use a workspace for this given the current state of the bookmark system.

    And then some programming projects that I work on sporadically (maybe every 3-6 months), so don't need the tabs open. But when working on them, I need tons of reference pages up in front of me, so again I'd have 50-100 tabs. Once again, once you add that many as bookmarks, they get rearranged and shove each other around, and also clutter up your search bar when you type stuff in. Opera was not designed with having 4k-20k bookmarks in mind. True workspaces are just a better fit for many of these tasks.

  • Major issue I have with Workspaces:

    1. Open 20 tabs and save in Workspace 1;
    2. Open 30 tabs and save in Workspace 2;
    3. Open new (second) Opera Window.
    4. Close first Opera window.
    5. Close second Opera Window.
    6. Open Opera
    7. All of your "saved" tabs in your workspaces are gone!
  • @spdickens

    Goto the URL opera://settings/onStartup and make sure "Retain tabs from previous session" is selected.

    Then, when you want to shut down Opera, don't close any windows to do it. Instead, goto "Menu -> Exit" (ctrl + shift + x). Then, when you start Opera, your windows and their tabs (sorted into the workspaces they were in) will be restored.

    When there's more than one window, closing a window means to close all tabs in that window. When there's only one window, closing the window means exit. So, if you have multiple windows open, make sure to use exit.

  • @burnout426 Very helpful to know. Thank you!

  • I think it's even better the way it is, since I can open one window for my one job with all its different workspaces, one window for my second job with all its different workspaces, one window for social media with one ws per sm platform, one window for learning, with 1 ws per topic, and so on. Persistence is already given, I think, since all the tabs and windows are being restored when the browser is re-opened (if this setting is set).