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R2020 is here and it lets you tidy your browsing

  • I would like to see the option to rearrange my workspaces

  • Maybe you should add some indicator (in address bar for example) of currently active 'Workspace' for those users who don't use the sidebar and will use keyboard shortcuts to switch between workspaces. Or additionally implement a popup with workspaces when clicking on that indicator to select workspaces without sidebar. Of course, if 'Workspaces' feature is disabled in settings, that indicator should be hidden too.

  • @olesiak said:

    @eugene-b: thank you for the report! We are working on it

    It's the same in the autofill settings page for the address data, too small.
    You should also fix the eternal problem with the everywhere visible and active side scrollbar, although there is nothing to scroll, in the bookmarks page. Even in an empty trash folder the scrollbar is displayed. 😉

  • Every workspace should have own history and speeddial!

  • Main issue for me, despite instability, is that my home browser and work browser workspaces synced. I meant, I use different layouts and different groups for work and home. It would be great to stop syncing this particular thing.

  • @kubalav: And pop-out video.

  • Please update Chromium to *.122 ASAP, there are some serious vulnerabilities.

  • I have issues with contexts.
    Having speed dial on second context opened, clicking speed dial icon on sidebar, while being on the first context, changes context to second.
    Using "Opened tabs" and selecting tab on second context (while being on the first), does not switch to second context. The "Opened tabs" should show the context the tab is from or just show the tabs from current context.
    In my opinion the context should be available not only from sidebar.

  • Add a button to disable the duplicate tab shower feature. It is distracting.

  • The "Save all tabs as Speed Dial folder" function does not work-if you right-click on an empty part of the " tab Bar"

  • @eugene-b: I am wondering if they will do that soon myself (Google knows of exploits in the wild for some of the CVEs)

  • The popup still does not work. Just a black screen.

  • @temkem: thank you for the report!

  • @faramir2: Thanks a lot for the help! According to your message about "Opened Tabs", you can easily look for the tabs opened in the 1,2 or 3 Workspaces using "Instant search" on your Sidebar.

  • @vfbfan: thank you for the help 🙂

  • Nice release, but won't it be better if Workspaces work as Containers in Firefox do? So that each Workspace has it's own cookies? This way I can use it as "Profile" alternative for various tasks. In current implementation I don't really get WHEN I do need them? They are just hidden opened tabs with no normal interface (you have to find how and what, before you can use them) to interact with them.

    Another suggestion "new tabswitcher": there is no visual indicator that I have more tabs in case of many opened tabs. Probably it's some UX issue in current version.

  • My workspaces doesn't work - I've tried to follow your information above but when I right click on a tab it doesn't offer me the option to save it to a workspace, despite me setting these up and activating them in settings - help!

  • @jozefa46: Replying to my own post, Now I get it! I renamed the original space where All of my saved tabs are instead of creating new Workspaces and Now that I have I can see how to save tabs to whichever Workspace I want, hmmmmmmmmmm. I have noticed that you have very few instructional videos about how to learn how to do this, I am a VO so if you want to make one I will voice it for you (pro bono) so that others who are less techy like me, can learn how to set this up properly. I can sort of see value in it but as I am a Huge Opera fan, I will find a way to make it work. If you decide you Do want to create an instructional film with a clear British VO voice, then contact me

  • @jozefa46 Last post here because I'm wasting too much time, now that I sorted Workspaces I've lost all of my speed dial settings and the layout is not how I want it so. I am disabling 'Workspaces' wish I'd never started with this, just lost 1 hour of a real working time messing about with this, yuk!

  • @jozefa46 Please avoid shouting.