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  • @paul-durham: Happy that you found it! Please check the Sidebar in your browser, at the top of it you will see 2 icons Workspaces 1 and Workspaces 2. By click on icons you will be able to move between them. Also, you can change the icon for different one or add more workspaces by click on a three dots in the bottom of side panel. Let me know is it work for you!

  • @olesiak @zalex108 Thank you both, I found the "Sidebar options". I feel silly - I checked the "Sidebar Settings" but not the options.

    I still think that the user should be able to drag a tab between workspaces.

    I notice what appears to be a bug in Developer 67.0.3574.0. With Workspace 1 and 2 enabled, right-click on the sidebar & disable Workspace 1 and the icon disappears. Now right-click the sidebar again and try to re-enable Workspace 1 - it won't re-appear. The only way to get it back is to disable Workspace 2 and then re-enable Workspace-1.

  • @paul-durham


    Sidebar [ººº] + [ººº] At WS Level.

    As @olesiak said.

  • @olesiak: So you changed to a featureless pop-out? Thats a good way to castrate your features and limit them.

    It was better before but lacked much needed features, like close captions, speed change etc.

  • @icetom87: Holy shit you killed them lol

  • @leocg: "Key brands" meaning either they are a big part of Opera or contribute significantly to Opera in some way. Opera should either discontinue the immoral and predatory CashBean, OKash, OPay and OPesaor denounce it if it's truly not under the Opera name (but it is.). All of these apps are under the Opera brand.

    Thus this is tied to Opera as a company and us users have a duty to denounce and criticize any companies who decide to do such despicable and disgusting acts. Opera keeps losing my respect the more I use it and the more it crap like that in public.

  • @artexjay Engadget - "Hindenburg further suggested that Opera was using the loan apps to artificially prop up financial growth despite lower profit margins than its main browser business, and that the company has poured millions of dollars into apps and entities owned by its CEO despite questionable disclosures and business practices."

    And Opera's reply was less than decent.

  • you can’t correct the mistakes for a very long time. Because of this, have to use version 65 and not update, because there is this error in subsequent ones that appeared in dev builds 66 and I immediately sent a message about it. But you still haven't fixed it.

  • @kened: Hi, Opera Neon is a concept browser and we use its features inspire us to innovate our core browsers 🙂

  • @drmaurer: Hi, thanks for your opinion. For now, we take our inspiration to innovate our core browsers from Opera Neon. It is a concept browser.

  • @npisarek Yes, but the Opera Neon browsing experience is completely different and very enjoyable. The Opera forum that is different in participation is Opera Neon, I think you could support it because it is a product that has been very new in the media and completely different from other browsers.

    Thank you very much for the experience provided through the concept 😁

  • @moribund Yes, I am. Those working in the browsers teams have nothing to do with those loan apps.

  • Keep up the good work with the browsers, Opera!

    I use Opera on desktop and Opera Touch on mobile. I have tried Brave (on both desktop and mobile), Vivaldi (on desktop only), Chrome (on both desktop and mobile), Safari (on mobile only), Firefox (on both desktop and mobile) and Palemoon (on desktop only) browsers, and I still find Opera to be my favorite most days on both desktop and mobile! 🙂

  • Opera for PC and Touch on iOS. What I really miss is support for profiles in desktop Opera! Please.

  • @dpokluda

    Not sure, but Opera's WorkSpaces seems their version for Profiles.


    There are a couple of options to run Multi profiles.

    Ask if need.

    "Off Topic Tip"
    Follow the Signature's Backup | Reset link.
    Take the opportunity to start a Backup plan and even create a Template Profile.

    SyncBack | Synkron helps.

    Windows 7 (x64)
    Opera Test profile | Back up | Reset

  • @zalex108: Thank you. I am only using Beta channel so I guess I still don't have access to workspaces. What I expect is to be able to switch between the two profiles (workspaces if that's what you call it) and have completely different set of cookies (like one site where I am logged using two different identities in the two different profiles), different set of favorites, etc. Is that what workspaces support?

    If not, then I would ask you to add support for proper profiles (like Chrome, the new Edge, etc.). I know you can do it by manually by cloning "C:\Users{username}\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Next" and using --user-data-dir program argument. I hope we both agree that this is not the right way of doing it (not very user friendly).

  • @dpokluda said in Opera browsers in 2020, what’s next?:

    Is that what workspaces support?

    But after many years this seems - to me - that is the proposed alternative.

    If not, then I would ask you to add support for proper profiles (like Chrome, the new Edge, etc.). I know you can do it by manually by cloning "C:\Users{username}\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Next" and using --user-data-dir program argument. I hope we both agree that this is not the right way of doing it (not very user friendly).

    Currently it's the only way we have.

    Despite asking for Profile support, - which I don't know why is not implemented -, is the workaround to achieve it.


    Once you create the shortcuts it's easy 😆



  • @treego: Hi, thank you for sharing your opinion! We are glad that you enjoy browsing with us. Which feature is your favorite?

  • Could you please, PLEASE fix chat popups (Messenger, WhatsApp etc. in the sidebar), so that they won't autoclose while typing messages? It REALLY is irritating and I've been asking fot the fix since November. Thank's in advance.