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opera 66 video popup has a limit in sizing, no controls, etc

  • I second all the complaints about video pop out update.

    Although setting via flags works, it is far from good user experience. I use pop out on multiple screens and powerful machine where higher CPU utilization is not a problem. I use Opera mainly for playing videos while working and built in - usable - pop out is the single feature why I didn't switch to any other browser.

    Please provide user friendly setting and let users CHOOSE between user experience and power consumption.

  • @leocg Found problem in Opera Dev 68.0.3581.0

    pip works while the flag is @ default or enabled


    Flag is called - (Use surface layers in Video Pop-out)

    But when the flag is disabled to get the old pip back..

    the popout is black screen sound works
    Note - Opera Stable 66.0.3515.44 pip old style works fine with the flag disabled..

    So Opera Dev still has problem

  • @nvmjustagirl read the topic. To get the old pop-up working without issues(freezes) two flags must be disabled. In latest Dev build one of the flags is removed and it's impossible to use the old pop-up there anymore.

  • @andrew84 You are right the dev flag (Enable the use of SurfaceLayer objects for videos) is gone..

    But in Opera Stable 66.0.3515.44 the only flag that needs to be disabled is - (Use surface layers in Video Pop-out

    so ya wrong about both flags..

    try it and ya will see this flag - (Enable the use of SurfaceLayer objects for videos)

    can be set @ default/enabled or disabled and the old pip still works

    so since the 1 flag works in stable w/o 2nd flag being set

    the Dev should work also with the one flag

  • @nvmjustagirl I tried already and video just stops playing here (Win8x64).
    And this is not my idea about the two flags.

  • @andrew84 hopeful Dev Team will pay better Attention to this (win 10 here)

    as ya can see in last pic above stable works fine with the one flag disabled

  • @nvmjustagirl said in No sound bar and resize option in Video Pop-up:


    See what? That the old pop-up has issues? I think that they don't care about the old pop-pup anymore and it will be removed completely soon because of conflicting with new Chromium versions. That's why they enabled the new pop-up (which is Chromium's default PiP). I understand that this is not their fault, but it is one of the main Opera features (old and trusted feature) and they could first restyle it (add volume controls, timing and etc.) and then release. Instead of doing that they implement Workspaces, Sidebar's sliding settings panel and other things.

  • @andrew84 yes they been work 'n on pip
    DNA-83944 Tweak video pop-out window geometry.. lol

    another thing i've noticed in Dev is this - (OpenGL: Enabled)


    stable does not have this..

  • I still don't understand what the point is of the new pop-out.

  • @freelanceartist said in No sound bar and resize option in Video Pop-up:

    the point is of the new pop-out

    The point is pretty simple. Old pop-out conflicts with new versions of Chromium.

  • @nvmjustagirl See

    Basically the switch to Chromium PIP is the fix for that and some other problems.

  • @leocg what is Chromium solution.

  • @thegeneral Opera will use Chromium implementation of PIP instead of its own.

  • How come the picture detach turned into the Picture in Picture chrome plugin - I used opera for the specific functionality - now that it's back to old chrome's PiP it's not as great as it was originally - that was one of the coolest features in Opera 🎈

  • so sad, what did happend to the floating video option? that one that allows you to have the video on top while browser other tabs,
    o loved this feature, and i also use it for several thing, one of them being the fact of see something tiny much bigger, since i can for example see a video in 1080p in a 720p screen, but then zoom it by resizing the floating video.
    Also like to use it to see how much a video last when in a website i see a video that has this info hidden in order for you to see it all, sometimes its a 90 min video or so, and i like to know it before lose time with something i might not want to see if is that long,
    with the floating video option you could see that info quickly,

    now all dissapeared, floating video has a mas resize size allowed, and also no longer shows the damn timestamp,

    very bad,

  • @leocg okay

  • Is there a way to keep main video playing together with pop out?

  • The problem I have seen today is: When I am watching a video and I choose the picture in picture, the video in the small windows starts, but the video on the browser gets black. I don't know if it was some update, cause las week it did not happened. And I liked that, because when i went back to the browser, I could watch the video in a big size, while the small window (picture in picture) works at the same time.

    But I really want to have both video windows turned ON playback. It is really convenient for me! Why Opera changed it?!!! And now the external window can't be fully resized!

    So, the external window does not have volume control.


  • They changed the popup video window with the new update and it sucks. It was so much better. Now it opens new window in the taskbar which is completely useless. Now it stop playing video in the original tab and plays it in small window only, makes no sense to me. Small video doesn't remember its size and always pops up in a very small window. When I click return to tab, it also closes the small video, and when I close the PIP it stop playing the video in main tab - these changes are for worst, not for better.
    Is there any way to roll back the pop out feature?

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