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Please kindly revert or make an option to use the older version of picture-in-picture

  • Please kindly revert or make an option to use the older version of picture-in-picture. From version 66 it is crippled in functionality. When opening the pip it disables rendering video in the source window. Also, the size of the pip window is very limited. I have multiple monitors and it was a great feature as opening new window for youtube for example it often drops the original session and my other opened tabs when i restart the computer. I am not willing to update, reverted back to v65. Sorry.

  • Hi,

    Today I noticed that one of my favorite features of all time has been heavily redesigned, although I do like that it now it crops out the entire video from the original page, I still despise how a lot of features have disappeared.

    • you can't skip to the next video anymore.

    • the audio adjuster is gone.

    • to pause the video you have to specifically press the center pause button instead of anywhere on the video.

    • you can't resize the video to your own tuition anymore.

    • there is a filter being applied when hovering over the pop-out.

    Why? I could never say for certain, but I'm really hoping to see an option to use the classic video pop-out.

  • @danielhun88

    Hi Daniel, seems like we're on the same boat on this one,
    my original post was moved here.

    For the moment the only way to solve this issue is by reverting update.
    That also means we'll be vulnerable since we won't receive security updates.
    If they plan on moving forward with this new version of video pop-out.

  • I too hate this new big picture mode, If opera doesnt convert back to the old version of it im either gonna install old opera again, or switch browsers, cause no point in staying here when its one redeeming feature is gone

  • PiP is the only reason i use opera, it was great in the past, but if it stays like it is right now i'll jump ship. just revert it.

  • This is the worst possible thing they could have done. I use this browser specifically for this feature and they've completely crippled it with every single one of the changes they've made.

    The cap on resizing the video is what pisses me off the most as I have multiple monitors.

    In what world would anyone think any of these changes was a good Idea is beyond me. I'll be moving on to another browser if it doesn't go back to how it was.

  • Goto the URL opera://flags/#video-pop-out-surface-layers, disable it and restart Opera. Disable opera://flags/#enable-surfaces-for-videos if you have to too.

    Also, see

  • @burnout426 that work for me, the 1º not, but the second flag did,


  • Well, that was close - if the new default is the chromium one i'm done with opera - after what 20 years or something. But it seems fixable. ---- Really scared me there for a second

  • I take it back - it's broken, it hangs at regular intervals. Maybe why changed it? I'll give it a week.

  • @burnout426 Thank you, this solves my problem.

  • @burnout426 Thanks a lot. Now everything works as it used to

  • @burnout426 Thank you, it helped.

  • hi there, i read someplace that there was a fix to put it back to how it used to be, im wondering if you by chance knew it.

  • @johndaruk Goto the URL opera://flags/#video-pop-out-surface-layers, disable it and restart Opera. Disable opera://flags/#enable-surfaces-for-videos if you have to too.

  • @zaapa1
    hi, so i did this, but when i try to activate it, it brings back the old format window, but its only a black window now, do you happen to know whats going on and how to fix this?

  • I'm unable to find the 2nd flag on Opera stable 67.0.3575.52.
    The 1st flag (#video-pop-out-surface-layers) works in bringing back the old PIP player but it stays completely black for youtube videos.

    Any workaround for this, besides reverting to 65?
    It's not such a massive deal breaker, but just the fact you have to click a very specific (and now smaller) button instead of anywhere-except-a-button like the original is incredibly frustrating.
    It's like the original devs never tried the feature, just chucked it in and called it a day.

    And I'm not blaming Opera devs for this, because they just enabled the Chromium version, which hopefully will get more support.
    I am blaming the opera devs for the forced "upgrade" to an inferior feature with no option to switch back to original, even if buggier.
    Cmon guys, don't do a classic Microsoft, please?

  • Follow-up point (specific to Windows):

    • The pop-out now appearing as a new Opera window is...double edged? For one, it's easier to find, but also it conflicts with the alt-tabbing history and windows shortcuts.
    • Unsure if I'd rather have the old functionality back (floating window as part of the main Opera one), or the new one, or a toggle.
  • @dhartescu I can confirm that the updated version disables video output to the pop-out window. It appears black.

  • @johndaruk The fix is the new video pop-out.