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New commenting mechanism on Opera blogs

  • @frenzie Misread what you said my bad

  • @artexjay said in New commenting mechanism on Opera blogs:

    For the Vivaldi blog you do not need to go to the forums to edit,delete, see the thread in full tree fashion.

    Not true, again. On Vivaldi blogs you still need to go to the forum to edit or delete your comments.

    The only thing that is correct in your statement is that they render comments in tree-like view. It has been said multiple times in this thread already, that it is on our roadmap and will be implemented soon.

    At the same time, we want to make it work better than how it is implemented on Vivaldi, where all comments are rendered oldest to newest. Their approach, while simple and easy to implement, forces users to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to read new comments, and then all the way up again to write a comment.

    Contrary to some claims in this thread, we do think about the user experience. The way Vivaldi does it right now is not a good UX from our perspective, so we are working on figuring out a better solution. Much like we have put a lot of effort into streamlining logging into comments section when on blogs (compare it yourself between our version and Vivaldi's).

    So, once again, tree-like view WILL be added here, along with at least some other requested minor enhancements.

    Have a nice day! 🙂

  • I'd suggest to add links in the blog that will show 'Popular Forum Discussions', like in Vivaldi blog.

  • OKAY. May the answers appear under the post they concern and have indentation on the left? This will improve readability.

  • @jojo0587 See

    It's the tree like view mentioned on the post.

  • @leocg ok, sorry. I don't read all posts in this topic. True... I read only first post.

  • What's the different between the new 'Link' icon and the timestamp links (both lead to forum)? I thought the 'Link' icon was made for sharing the blog's post links (like it worked in Disqus when I clicked 'share' and comment's link was auto-saved to clipboard, or like it works in Vivaldi's blog but there I need to use right click on 'permalink' and select 'copy link address')

  • @andrew84 There is no difference. It was added only because more than one person said that link in the timestamp is not obvious and they wouldn't know it's clickable, had they not read about it here.

  • @amatczak: one of this links could be used as a sharable link that will lead to the particular comment in the blog (just a suggestion).

  • @andrew84 Yes, that's possible, but first the current solution would have to be re-built to allow linking to an arbitrary comment through a blog post. Currently we only render 10 most recent comments with ability to manually show older comments - this would have to be changed in a way that automatically loads relevant portion of the comments thread that includes the comment you are linking to.
    We'll try to achieve that when redesigning the solution to support tree-like view, so if anything, this can be implemented afterwards.

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