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  • Would be cool if email notifications for a thread made use of in-reply-to and reference headers etc. so that the messages were grouped together as a thread in my email client (Thunderbird).

    I can turn off strict threading to group by subject, but since comment subject don't start with "re:", that doesn't work. Turning on thread_without_re seems to help though, but I'd rather keep Thunderbird at the defaults of strict threading.

    This is/was a wish for regular threads on the forum too. It's just with blog posts being such high volume, it's seems more necessary now. But, probably something NodeBB has to support.

  • @burnout426 Yes, I definitely see how this would be useful!

    I did a quick check and while it seems possible, it would not be an quick and easy task. Email notifications are sent separately to each subscriber. This means that everyone gets a separate MessageId for his/her email notification. Forums software would have to somehow remember each sent MessageId for each topic and each user, and look that info up when sending out the notifications to include appropriate headers you have mentioned.

    And yes, it would have to be implemented in NodeBB core since it would deeply modify how notifications are sent. I would suggest opening a feature request at and see what is the NodeBB's team take on this.

  • @tullyn Hi, how would you propose to change the design to solve your confusion about Forums account vs Opera account?

    As for formatting you can still use Markdown and emoijs when writing comments through embedded thread on Blogs page. What is missing is some sort of WYSIWIG composer like present when writing on
    While we know this solution is not ideal, adding a full-fledged WYSIWIG composer that can be embedded on Blogs is not a trivial task. Vivaldi, mentioned here several times, does not have this feature either.

    If you need to attach a screenshot/image you can definitely do this by writing directly through and the image will get rendered in the thread on Blogs. Again, same situation as with Vivaldi.

    From what I see, the only really valuable thing that we lack, when compared to Vivaldi solution, is the tree-like presentation style for comments. There are some drawbacks (e.g. Vivaldi loads the entire comments thread at once instead of paginating it to optimize page load speed) but I can promise that this is actually something we think about solving.

  • If you're forcing us to use forum to post comments, I can't understand what will be the purpose of the renewed blog?
    If I don't mistake, feedback from Opera team regarding bugs was much more noticeable in the blog instead of forum, including replies to suggestions (that's why I don't use forum). I don't remember for example replies in forum's 'Suggestions' topic from Opera team. If now all the attention will be focused on forum, what previously prevented Opera to be more active in their own forum instead of Disqus? It's just my opinion but I think if the blog (with Disqus system) was more popular than forum, then forum needs improvements or blog's new comments system should be even better than the Disqus (similar but Opera's own better system). Now I see the following situation when I'm forced to choose commenting system between bad (forum) and very bad (new system) for comments in the blog.

  • @andrew84 Replies from Opera employees will now be visible both in the blog and in the forums, so they don't need to choose where they will post their answers.

    It will also be more easy to point to those comments when replying to someone.

  • @andrew84 said in New commenting mechanism on Opera blogs:

    If now all the attention will be focused on forum, what previously prevented Opera to be more active in their own forum instead of Disqus?

    That'd have been a duplicate effort.

    @andrew84 said in New commenting mechanism on Opera blogs:

    Now I see the following situation when I'm forced to choose commenting system between bad (forum) and very bad (new system) for comments in the blog.

    This is the first time in years that I've posted a comment on a blog post. I'll leave the rest implied. πŸ˜‰

    Okay, just one teeny tiny thing, unrelated to my thoughts on how Disqus is designed. Half the time Disqus doesn't even load. But of course just when I'm trying to get a screenshot of Disqus saying that "Disqus seems to be taking longer than usual" it's consistently loading in a split second… weird.

  • @frenzie It seems that to read/post comments like previously I will have to use 2 systems at the same time: use forum to pre-format the post and attach screenshots, and read replies/comments in the form of 'tree' (it will appear I hope someday) in the blog . If I want to edit post (my English is not perfect) or to add some details I must to hurry (during 30 mins) and open forum again and edit post there. Of course, I'm not going to comment like previously using the scheme above.

  • @andrew84 You should be able to use Markdown syntax to format your posts.

  • @tullyn Hi, how would you propose to change the design to solve your confusion about Forums account vs Opera account? ...

    e.g. separate forum & account visually & textually to make it clear and recognizable. What it is not now. A switch button between both would already be a step forward. And it's not my confusion, by the way. cause I know partly enough. But others, see above, just not. Which is due to the bad design. Not thought through well enough.

    You're squirming around because it seems a bit, that the forum, which has been out of the way so far, has to be upgraded by force. Something like that will go wrong.
    You don't need a comprehensive text composer to increase the readability of the blog. It's more the little things that are missing.
    But if I have to go the detour via forum to attach screens or other pictures, then it becomes - sorry - a bit silly. So add the necessary changes to the blog in a meaningful way, then that fits. Everything else will go wrong.

  • Here we go, yesterday was an anomaly. These new forum-based comments here aren't as good as My Opera used to be (e.g., they require JS) but at least they work.
    2019-10-04 14_59_40-I enjoyed Minit because it respects my damn time _ PC Gamer

  • @andrew84
    Hi, I have just updated Edit Profile page to include a short explanation and a link to the place where you can change email/password:


    Thanks for reporting that and hope this helps.

  • Also, to make the Blogs <-> Forums jumping a little less frustrating, we have added a permalink to each comment. To open Forums now you can click on the post relative timestamp that's next to the username (e.g. 15 minutes ago). This will take you to the exact same post on πŸ™‚

  • @amatczak: Thank you for these changes, I also noticed that comments text size looks a way better now in the blog.

    *Maybe forum's comment should also have some 'view in blog' option to jump.

    And maybe there should be some more informative thing in the blog. Some clickable icon (small arrow for example) next to timestamp with 'view on forum' tooltip, or an extra 'View forum' button at the comment's bottom next to 'Reply' and 'Quote' buttons.
    It's hard to guess without an additional info that I can click the timestamp to visit forum.

  • @amatczak: ist there a way to edit or change my user name?

  • @ockendorf Not possible as far as I know.

  • @leocg: Thanks, can`t find a way...but maybe the Dev's can make it possible πŸ˜‰

  • @ockendorf I don't think they should do it.

  • @ockendorf πŸ‘‹

    Forums are tightly integrated with your Opera account. Therefore the username/email/password is always taken from your Opera account and cannot be changed directly on Forums. Due to technical reasons once you choose the username when creating your Opera account, this username cannot be changed. If you really want, you can always create a new Opera account using different username.

  • @amatczak: Thanks for the reply...maybe I'll create a new account

  • This comment system is horrendous. Disqus was at least an omnipresent/everywhere type of commenting system where i could partake in discussions straight from the Disqus app on Windows.

    This is a step backwards. There is no uniformity, there is no tree view on the actual blog and seemingly no upvotes/downvotes capabilities unless I go to the forums. Forcing users yet again Opera?

    This switch in my estimation was a very very unintelligent move... yet again same people made Opera into the UI freakfest it is now so not very surprising.