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What means this: Post is submitted for consideration?

  • What a crap!

    How long does it take to publish a posting?
    This is not the first-one, but always I get the info that

    Dein Beitrag ist zur Prüfung eingereicht ...

    What a bull is it, I've never seen things like this before 😞

    May better I delete my Account and go somewhere else ...
    Have a niche day 🙂

  • If you have a negative reputation - that is, if people have downvoted your posts more than upvoted - it will do that. If people find your posts obnoxious rather than helpful, that will happen.

  • @sgunhouse

    Hello, and thx for your replay. What do you mean by

    ... negative reputation - that is, if people have downvoted your posts more than upvoted..

    There's one negative one in a posting, and I don't even know why, because there is nothing wrong or bad in my post. You can check and read it here

    you try to say, that if post something and I do apologize for a little mistake I made, before, and then someone comes along and give's me a thumb down for that, then I have a negative reputation??
    That's a Joke, isn't it ...?

    So then I go to any posting here and give couple of the users negative thumbs, and then they are in trouble ....
    Which also means, if a user don't like another one, then give'm a bad thumb and he has a Problem, or what does it mean?

    May be you can explain it to me, because I don't understand your rules, so far.
    Thx Jonas

  • And you please tell me what is obnoxious on or in my post ...?
    on this/my post? You're using this posts obnoxious, so you can explain what you mean by it? Or is it only a defamation/defamatory speech off anyone?

    Thx, for get that straight.

  • @zypperup

    This forum, as well as many others, uses a reputation system in which users can evaluate posts from each other. This allows, for example, that an user can see the most upvoted reply in a topic first, helping avoiding those that probably will not be relevant for s/he fixing the issue.

    The reputation system also may bring benefits or punishments depending on if you have more upvotes or more downvotes. The idea is to reward those who better contribute to the forums and make things a little difficult for those who just come in to cause trouble and don't help at all.

    Of course the reputation system, like any other one, is not free from having its problems.

  • @leocg

    Thanks you for your answer, but that is ridiculous, (not your answer, but this regulation!) defamatory and tantamount to slander. I've already written @sgunhouse, it's probably offline.

    If someone doesn't like another user or his contributions, then he clicks "thumbs down" until the user has trouble.
    But it doesn't matter, only du can see who gives such reputation and posts.
    There you Admins should take care of it, because it is, as said, reputation-damaging.

    Another nice evening. I will forward this to Opera, with all screenshots.

  • Like I said, the system is not imune to be badly used by a few people. But, in general, it's well used and it works.

    I'm not an Admin but I don't think anything will change, at least in a near future.

  • Since the OP is no longer an member, closing the topic.

  • Just to clarify, as it might be helpful for other users, even though the OP decided to leave our community:

    The "Your post is queued for approval." message (or any of your native language equivalent) indicates that your submission has to be manually approved by a moderator before it appears to the public audience. It is a measure to combat spam and it only happens for the very first post made by a user. This has nothing to do with reputation system. After your first post has been approved, all your next posts will not be queued, but will appear instantaneously.

    Now, if you try to send a couple of post in a row, before moderation has had a chance to review and accept your very first post, the subsequent posts will also be queued. I assume that is what had happened to the OP and that's what made him so angry. The moderators and admins also have to sleep, eat and do other things humans tend to do, so there might be times when the queue is not cleared right away, but rest assured, all posts that are put there are reviewed rather sooner than later. Again, if your queued posts are legitimate and not duplicates of the same post (happens very often) they will all get approved and appear wherever you have posted them. Please have a little patience 🙂

    After you reach a certain reputation level, the forums will allow you to post more frequently, as new users have certain restrictions imposed on the amount of time between posts - again, this is to combat spam. That's the only real "benefit" of having a high reputation and most "regular" users probably won't even notice that restriction anyway. So talking about being "in trouble" for having negative reputation is a bit exaggerated, I think.

    Finally, I have made some adjustments to forums: from now on to downvote someone's post you have to have a positive reputation yourself, plus all votes are now public so you can see who downvoted you and perhaps try to settle this via PM with that person (if you think it's worth it).