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How do you revert back to default font for the site after installing an OpenType font file?

  • When I installed a font file (specifically OpenType) for my Word file, the font applied to some websites as well. The font I installed was Helvitica Bold and since it was a bold font, the website was like screaming at me.

    So, how do I revert back to the default font for the website? The font looks ugly as it's applied to the whole page. I hope I could find a fast answer.

    Thanks in advance!

  • @somethingcube
    Just install Helvitica (Helvetica?) normal (and other variations). Likely those sites use Helvetica as their default typeface; without normal weight installed they may default to bold one.

  • Sounds like you should have installed a regular (not bold) Helvetica as well. Websites are seeing that you have a version of Helvetica and using that, despite the fact the site calls for regular and you only have bold.

    Something like the extension Stylus should have the ability to blacklist a font, if you don't have a proper Helvetica available.

  • @sgunhouse
    Hello, I don't find any options to blacklist a font in Stylus. Nor any extensions in the Opera extension site. And no, I installed the bold one, examples below.

    Just in case you don't get my exact point in the post, I'll make it TL;DR here:

    1. I installed a font file (OpenType)
    2. Issue: it also applied to some of the website (like Facebook)
      Examples: (Facebook did not have and will never have Helvitica Bold font applied by default)
      Hope this TL;DR will make it more clearer; better solutions. But, if you're point was right, then leave it as it is. Thanks again!
  • @somethingcube
    Looked at FB source - Facebook uses by default Helvetica font (css font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif).
    If one has no Helvetica installed, then fine - any browser uses Arial or if this is also not present (non-windows OSes), tha default sans serif font.
    If one has only Helvetica Bold installed, then browsers use Helvetica font for bolder elements, but are lost for normal-weight elements. Most likely Opera (and probably Chrome etc) attempts to use Helvetica again, but because normal weight of it is not installed, then renderer uses only available bold variant.

    Install Helvetica Normal and you are done 🙂

    PS. It is named Helvetica, not Helvitica.