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Website notification is too abused and annoying

  • Seriously? why annoying notifications feature in Opera browser?
    It's too abused by ads and 3rd party service. Most of websites i visit are using it, i sometime get a big big custom prompt that ask me if i should allow it or not then it uses Opera prompt that ask me same thing. When i disallow it, it will keep asking you again, again and again until you allow it. When i allow it, hmm... it will give you a lot of spam and might drain battery. I have heard about it.
    I have OSD, i hate notification and prompt sooooooo much. That feature shouldn't exist... ever! If this feature didn't exist, no one would make custom notification prompt
    I hope Opera team do something about it

  • What kind of notifications? Do you have some example pages where you see them? Did you already disable notifications in settings.

  • It is easy to disable notifications either in Opera's settings or in Android - why didn't you do that first?

  • In the previous version(s) there was the possibility to disable notifications (and location etc.) completely. Now in version 55.0.2994.61 this option is gone. I'm only allowed to choose between "Ask everytime" and "Allow for all". That's really annoying!!! Or am I just missing something?

  • Besides the other half of my answer? Android itself can be set to ignore notifications from particular programs, if desired.

    But in the version on my tablet there are 3 options - Ask, Allowed and Denied. This is Opera for Android (not Beta), version 47.3.2249.130976 (I think, hard to read the gray text.)

  • There's no Opera for Android 55, latest version is 47.

    So please post in the correct forum.

  • @sgunhouse said in Website notification is too abused and annoying:

    It is easy to disable notifications either in Opera's settings or in Android - why didn't you do that first?

    Oh i didn't know it can be disabled
    But most peoples don't know how to disable it and we had some student getting +18 spam because they pressed allow for no reason. There will be more websites that abuses notification to keep asking until they press allow if no protection implement.