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Opera adding bookmarks to speed dial all the time

  • Do you use Opera Sync?

  • Also no Opera Sync. Pretty much all these auto options off, except the autoupdate.

  • I've heard of this happening to some, but not sure what causes it. If you close down Opera and open the "Bookmarks" file in the profile folder in a text editor, do you still see entries for those speed dial entries? If so, I'd manually remove them with JSONEdit. You can take note of their IDs before you delete them and remove the corresponding entries in the BookmarksExtra file (it contains the images for the dials) also.

  • This bug occurs every time a new build of Windows is installed. As a Windows Insider I get new builds quite often and every time two things happen.

    1. The default search engine is changed back to Google from Bing.
    2. Some of the default speed dials are added in front of all my speed dials.

    I hope it's a bug that will be fixed soon and not by design.

  • @suguru999

    In the thread I linked to above the Opera employee @mgeffro asked for configuration details in order to investigate that issue.

    I posted my details there. Maybe a comparison of our settings will reveal why @sgunhouse's advise (emptying the bookmark's trash folder) worked for me but not for you.

  • So far we seem to have identified that there is indeed problem with Speed Dials being readded. This issue as far as we know is only affecting Windows 10 users after system updates. Mostly noticeable on Insider builds which get updates more often. We are currently working on a fix.

  • My suggestion relates to an issue that also involves Sync - if you delete a speed dial (or bookmark) but don't empty the trash (so that it is actually still in the system), Sync can restore it to the original location (while still leaving it in Trash as well). Not sure how that happens on the server side of things, but if you don't use Sync - or of course if you empty the Trash - that particular issue shouldn't occur. Haven't seen the issue from this thread myself.

  • Yeah, I haven't had ANY issues with Opera and I was using it since v7, as I recall.

  • I think I may have found the culprit and now the speed dial has not refreshed with this spam!

    I actually checked and found that I had the same pages that kept on being added to the speed dial bookmarked! They were added there by Opera, not me.

    After I deleted them from bookmark I no longer have the speed dial pages added again! Will update if they come back, however for now seems like all's working fine!

  • @suguru999

    I have not a single bookmark saved on my system, and I am on Windows 7 (32-bit), but has been re-added twice within 24 hours, as descriped here and here.

    Since I run Opera in a sandbox usually so that my original (portable) installation remains untouched I would be able to reproduce these unexpected re-addings within a certain time frame (= as long as I do not run Opera unsandboxed).

    Please let me know if you wish more information.

    @moderators: Sometimes I wish some threads referring to the same topic would be merged. Right now I am afraid I could be accused of doing some sort of cross-posting here.

  • Did you not install the latest update?

    Though mind you, a version with no bookmarks at all might be another story. I'm npt sure they considered that ...

    As always, when you delete something make sure to go to Bookmarks and empty the trash.

  • @sgunhouse

    Did you not install the latest update?

    I installed the update (unsandboxed), but I should have a backup from before that update.

    Though mind you, a version with no bookmarks at all might be another story. I'm npt sure they considered that ...

    Yes, and also I am on Windows 7, not on Windows 10...

    As always, when you delete something make sure to go to Bookmarks and empty the trash.

    I will do so. Thank you again for your support.

    Maybe I should mention that I don't have any bookmark saved, but I use fifteen speed dial entries (no pre-installed ones among them).

  • @yanta Yeah, it just re-added themselves again ಠ~ಠ and I thought it fixed the issue... Meh...

  • @suguru999 Are you on Windows 10, or are you on Windows 7 (like me)?

    I think the best we can do is to provide further information on our settings, but probably we should wait until we are told what information the developers need exactly.

  • I'm on Windows 10, issue came up after one of the updates from M$

  • @suguru999 said in Opera adding bookmarks to speed dial all the time:

    I'm on Windows 10, issue came up after one of the updates from M$

    That's a known problem that Opera is working on.

  • Just a bit of an update. We are currently working on fixing this from two different angles. As we now know cause for current issue we try to play it safe. It's going a bit slow as we gradually introduce changes in code and monitor results with releases.

  • @mgeffro Appreciate the update! I will stay with Opera till the end!

  • @mgeffro

    Only in case feedback is helpful on this matter:

    Today Opera has been idle on my computer for some hours. When I returned to my PC I noticed a new speed dial entry (Reserved) being added.

    • Windows 7 32-bit
    • Opera 54.0.2952.64 (Update stream: Stable), portable installation
    • Opera's built-in VPN being enabled
    • Opera's user interface language = English (United states)
    • Preferred languages for webpages = English (United States) and English
    • Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar = unticked
    • Predict network actions to improve page load performance = unticked.
    • The bookmark's trash folder was empty.
    • No use of Opera's synchronization service.
  • @yanta this was expected push from us. We recently added feature to opt-out for this promoted content if it disturbs you. To do so:

    • Make sure flag opera://flags/#partner-bookmarks-opt-out is enabled
    • Go to opera:settings
    • Disable 'Receive promoted Speed Dials and Bookmarks'

    Please note that it's currently enabled in developer only and should make it's way to stable with v56 (or sooner when we confirm there are no unintended regressions with it).