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Double Click Address Bar resizing windows? ??Is this a bug?

  • when i double click inside the url address bar the window resizes (maximize/minimize) and it's driving me NUTS!!!Seriously. I can't find anything about it in forums or online help and can't imagine that this is usual behavior since that usually hilights the contents of the address bar. Can someone please help! I love the new opera but this is a deal killer for me if i can't fix it. PLEASE HELP> desperate in atlanta.

  • Which version of Opera? I can't reproduce it here on developer 28 and stable 26.

    Do you use any extensions? If so, check if one of them is not causing the issue.

  • If you double click the title bar of a Windows program, it is supposed to maximize/restore - or since Opera doesn't have a title bar they use any empty area of the tab bar.

  • Thank you. I am on a mac and the double click anywhere inside the url address window causes what might be a maximize / restore but isit really supposed to be that way? I have been an internet user since the days of aol and double click on the url window has always been select / hilight the contents of the window so that a new url can be inserted. It's so automatic for me I cant stop resizing the windows and I am giving up. there are some great things about opera, really but there are also a lot of problems. I love coast and will stick with that but for now i will try your suggestions about extensions and if that doesn't work i'm outta here. Thanks.

  • I am on a mac

    Moving to the correct forum then.

  • In Windows, merely clicking on the address bar selects all the text, while double-clicking will select the word (portion between punctuation marks), so I can't say what you're seeing is "how it's supposed to be" in terms of how it works on other platforms. But a Mac user would have to say how it should be there.