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incompatibility with bbc iplayer radio streaming

  • I have used Opera for years but recently have been having a lot of problems with infuriating 'glitches' when listening to bbc radio 3 online with the iplayer (live or listen again). From what I have seen elsewhere it seems this could be due to Pepper flash. I tried deleting it from the Opera folder but the problem has returned a day later. An hour ago I opened radio 3 in Internet Explorer and have been able to listen to perfect sound. As I use the computer to listen to radio 3 a lot it seems I am either going to have to have two browsers open at once or abandon Opera. Does anyone know the exact cause of this problem and if there is a reliable and permanent fix? (I have 24.0.1558.64 and a 64 bit Windows 7 computer.)

  • I'm now hearing the odd 'glitch' (momentary micro-gap followed by a restart that almost gives a 'plop' effect) listening in Internet Explorer too. If it is Opera's adoption of Pepper Flash and its interference with 'proper' Adobe flash, does this mean I have to remove Opera from the computer to stop it??
    (there's plenty of bandwidth to stream videos etc so it's not that).
    Maybe related to this is the fact that the normally ultra reliable VLC media player now cannot play FLAC etc recordings without inserting lots of gaps. If I use foobar they play faultlessly.
    6 months and more ago I had none of these problems...

  • Me too - it started last weekend and now I have to listen to any iPlayer stuff via different browser - I'm using 12.17 but looks like the newer one is having problems.

    Looks like I'll be moving to another browser permanently very soon as I'm having other crashing issues and I do not trust Opera enough to have a smooth ride if I use the newer browser judging by all of the comments on this forum.

    Once again, a shame after 15years I'll be going elsewhere because the people at Opera have lost their way or whatever they seem to be doing.

  • I've been using Opera browser for several years and used to be able to listen to BBC radio 4 but it doesn't work any more since recent update.
    I use Windows7. I listen to the music radio such as and it doesn't work any more.
    When I play Tunein, it says the error occurs but sometimes after 3 to 5 minutes it starts to play(but not BBC radio4 anymore).
    Now I use firefox to listen to Tunein or BBC radio4 but I want to continue using Opera browser as I love it. It'd be very helpful if someone tell me how to fix it.

  • I've tried a couple of radios at and i was able to listen to them on 25.0.1614.50. I'm on Win10 TP.

  • leocg, I tried many times and failed. The message is shown as below.
    The sound of silence

    "We're trying to play this station, but we're having problems. Apologies.

    The station's stream may be broken, or there may be a mis-match between this stream, and your device."

    I don't know why because it was perfectly ok before update.

  • It seems to use a plugin, do you have them enabled? Also, is turbo enabled? If so, try disabling it.

  • Ieocg, It was Turbo! I don't know why but it was enabled so I just disabled it and everything got to back normal.
    Thank you very much. You are genius!

  • Turbo is disabled on mine, glitches continue (could it be due to having lots of tabs and the system checking them frequently for the new preview function??), but the latest annoyance is that I get a message to install flash when I try to look at the statistics of a weebly website I have. Of course flash is installed, but I installed it again, still the message (and javascript is enabled, so it's not that). I open Internet Explorer and I can see my statistics immediately. I am beginning to feel that abandoning Opera would be the sensible thing to do - but what a shame when I like its look and features...