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Starting Opera in Fullscreen mode

  • Am I missing something? Opera 24 (stable) opens in fullscreen mode. In Preferences, there is even a section that allows adjustments to opening screen size and location. I cannot find such options in Opera 25 and 26. Both always open in a smaller window and have to be "maximized." How do I get 25 and 26 to open fullscreen.

    Interestingly, the preferences section for 25 on my laptop DOES include options to adjust screen size!!

  • I've never see such options in Opera Blink(Opera 15+).

    At least not on Windows.

  • I figured it out!! When Opera opens to the smaller window, there will be only the fullscreen icon on the top right, in the middle. Rather than clicking it to expand, use the cursor to drag the screen to the desired fullscreen size, then you can click the middle icon to maximize. Then, close Opera. Navigate to C:\users(your folder)\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Next (or Developer). Then open the Prefences file with Notepad. The first section should look like this:
    "browser": {
    "last_clear_browsing_data_time": "13055961354714955",
    "window_placement": {
    "height": 1050,
    "left": -3,
    "maximized": false,
    "top": 0,
    "width": 1926

    Note the line "maximized": false, Change false to true, then save file. Restart Opera and it should open in fullscreen mode!!

  • Here if i maximixe Opera and then close it on that state, it will reopen maximized without any need of editing a file.

  • I did what chawoobie recommended, it worked for me