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Opera always opens URLs in Google/Searchengine

  • Hi everyone,

    once again, one issue at a time. I am on the current version of opera (76.0.4017.190) after a new installation of my computer. There is one thing that bothers me after the installation, namely that all URLs that i enter in the adressbar (regardless of starting with "http(s)://", and or "www." or without any prefix) always opens google (or any other default search engine you can chose from in the options menu) instead of the actual website i want to reach out to. In other versions this has happend as well but only if you added the prefix "g" (for google) or "y" (for yahoo) for example.
    My question is simple. How am i able to let opera open the actual website (URL) instead of always opening the search engine first?

    Any help is kindly appreciated!

  • @82ee Usually it happens when you type something incorrectly, like a missing period or an extra space.

  • @82ee said in Opera always opens URLs in Google/Searchengine:

    all URLs that i enter in the adressbar (regardless of starting with "http(s)://", and or "www." or without any prefix) always opens google

    Can you post an example of what you are trying? I think it depends on the TLD (top level domain) of your url. For example, tried to load that page, but zx.zx searches for it. You can also notice the forum automatically formatted the former as a link (it wasn't me).

  • I've got the exact same problem. I just bought a new computer, installe Opera as usual and i cant go to a website directly, it always googles. And no, i didnt type anything wrong, i tried various websites (even if i type in it will google just that 😃 ). I dont have the problem with chrome or edge.

  • Thanks for all responses. @haweipiet i fixed the problem by uninstalling opera completely (delete user data as well; consider backing up your bookmarks) -> rebooting -> fresh new installation. I have no idea what caused the problem, but since the reinstallation everything works fine again. Hope this will fix your issue as well.

    Kind regards

  • @82ee Im feeling dumb for not trying this. I reinstalled it and everything is fine now. Thank you so much 🙂

  • @haweipiet no worries. What is still cannot explain is what caused that problem in the first place. i installed opera on a fresh installation of windows and had the problem for the first time ever. I am glad it is fixed for you too.

    Kind regards