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Opera application damaged (while performing update)

  • If you keep up to date with the latest security updates on macOS you might have spotted warnings about the Opera application being damaged on your system. This is related to how our update mechanism works. If you see this warning there is nothing to worry about. Unfortunately you will have to reinstall the latest version of Opera from If you won’t reinstall you will be stuck with the older version and will be getting more of those warnings as autoupdate will try to execute but fail each time.

    Some more background on this issue

    When we perform updates they are first downloaded into $TMPDIR. One of the intermediary directories created during this process used to end with the .app extension. We download the update package to this directory and perform further operations on it.

    It turns out that there was a security issue in macOS, which meant .app directories that didn’t contain an actual application could also have been used by malware to execute code outside of Gatekeeper. Apple released a security update that closes this loophole, as versions 10.15.7 and 11.3 of macOS, which were released this week.

    The fix causes our intermediary directory to be detected as a broken application, and a system warning is displayed, blocking any operations on the content of this directory and breaking our update mechanism. The fix on our side is to simply use a different name for the intermediate directory.

    If you would like to read more about this issue please head to

  • This post is deleted!
  • @gmiazga had the same problem on two different machines. Tried to use the installer from the Opera website and it fails. What now?

  • @bkeevins And it fails because...?

  • Keep getting message that opera is damaged and to delete and reinstall. I've done that several times, yet keep getting damaged app message. Seems to work OK, but damaged app message keeps popping up.

  • @bkeevins I had the same problem. After recovering Opera (it's an option in the Menu) everything works well.

  • @gmiazga I installed update after installing MacOS 14.1 and now the warnings are gone but Opera does Not Work At All .

  • @segnesa could you check if you have log (opera.log) file created in you profile directory? Default path for profile directory on stable is ~/Library/Application\ Support/com.operasoftware.Opera/

  • @gmiazga said in Opera application damaged (while performing update):

    ~/Library/Application\ Support/com.operasoftware.Opera/

    Unable to find that log, but I am not super tech knowledgeable. However, I now cannot update Apple MacOS to 11.5 because Opera will not close. I tried to re-download Opera but nothing happened.

  • @segnesa we aren't testing regularly our browser on beta version of macOS. Perhaps there is some issue. Will try to check it and get back to you.

    As for Opera not closing forcing close should work.

  • @gmiazga The force quit did not work. I finally did a hard boot of my MacBook and it closed Opera. Now I am concerned about trying to open it again.,..

  • @gmiazga
    To me, that's ancient history. Today , I lost my Opera browser about two hours ago. The background is that they had been telling me that the last Opera update a few weeks ago had not been installed correctly and to do it again. Well, I had other things to do, so I ignored them. However, I got tired of their constant nagging on this subject, so I tried to install their update again today. That was at least two hours ago, and I haven't had Opera since then. This is the 3rd time they've screwed me. The first time was when they lost my Bookmarks (That Hurt !). The second time they lost my Home Page, and the last time, so far, is when I lost my Opera Browser.
    (Fri Jun 4, 2021: 6:48 PM PST)

  • @damnyou Totally unrelated, so please open a topic to discuss it, following the rules.