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  • Hello, In this Opera beta update chromium is updated to version 90.0.4430.70. For details on all the changes, check the changelog. Installation links: Opera beta for Windows (By using the Opera beta for Windows installer, you accept the Opera for Computers EULA) Opera beta for macOS Opera beta for Linux – deb packages Opera beta…

    Read full blog post: Opera 76.0.4017.59 beta update

  • Return the recently closed item removing cross in SearchTabs popup back in Developer channel.

  • The BABE's panel should have a bit of blur. This would bring a touch of modernity to him.

  • I use tab snoozing and The Marvellous Suspender, and usually have about 500 tabs comfortably accommodated with 8 GB RAM. Still OK with a recent increase to 630 tabs, until a reboot: 99% of RAM used plus 67% of 2 GB swap. When CPU had calmed down, Opera's user interface was non-responsive, and this was experienced several times, having to close Opera each time from the Linux Mint panel. Opera was restarted and tabs to the right in all workspaces were closed. I use Session Buddy, but still have the hassle of sorting everything back into their workspaces. I'm reminded of the session management in Opera from years ago -- why was it dropped? I hope when I restore "only" around 500 tabs that I don't find Opera has recently suffered a memory management issue.

  • @thelittlebrowserthatcould It wasn`t dropped, it still exist in Opera Presto (Opera 12 and older). Opera Chromium never had a session manager.

    And having 500 tabs opened is already a problem in itself.

  • @leocg: Being kind moderator is one thing, but answering to utter s..t (aka trap) is another.

    I do use Debian, I got the same issues with Opera mem usage lately, but using 500 tabs is impossible. 10 tabs per workspace gives 50 WPs. Claiming abilities to take under control such tabs quantity, both by mind, and by snooze or other magic s..t is preposterous. Not having 8 GB DRAM and 2 GB swap.

    Opera with ~50 tabs on my 8 GB DRAM and 8 GB swap partition rig tops 12 GB. Everything slows down (system too) and Opera responsiveness dives to null. How come the Marvelous Suspender can tame the 500/630 tabs? Or he/she was advertising male or female Marvelous Suspenders (garters, braces)...

  • @thelittlebrowserthatcould: 500 tabs? I didn't even know the internet had so many websites.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • @leocg: The old "non dropped" session manager allowed saving of sessions, so Opera could be restarted with any, or none. Session Buddy isn't (yet) aware of workspaces, so restoring a session would be easier if different windows were used instead -- could we be allowed to name the windows?

    Honestly, I stuck with Presto as long as possible, but is anyone using it now?

    500 tabs was no problem, until this recent problem (unless you assume I have a problem with "hoarding" my information sources). I'm now trying the V7 Stash extension. As for the actual stated problem, restarting Opera this morning (because it's unusable with the Nvidia driver when waking from a suspend) settled down to 80% RAM utilisation, compared with 50 or 60% yesterday evening, with practically the same session (only this page in addition). Admittedly, Linux crawls and locks more than Windows when swapping.

  • @kened: Well, a lot of people are "captured" by just a single site, Facebook, for example, all day, to the extent they don't seem capable of leaving and using a search engine.