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The High CPU/RAM/GPU Usage Topic - Opera for Desktops

  • @leocg I read the section about Cashback Web Monitor. As I understand it, there is no solution? Give up the opera and move on to another? I have been using it for 15 years

  • This started maybe an hour ago. I noticed one of the opera.exe processes was using 25% of the CPU (4 cores), so I closed probably "heavy" pages, but nothing changed. Opened Opera's task manager, and only thing using the CPU is the browser itself with 100%. So I close Opera and that single opera.exe process remains in memory, still consuming 25%.
    I cannot open Opera again without killing that exe first. Every time I open the browser that process uses 25% and stays until I kill it. I disabled all extensions, closed all pages from my session and this is still happening. If I kill the process with Opera open, everything is shut down.
    It's the most current version (74.0.3911.203), which has been running for some days now, so it's pretty strange. This is on Windows 7 x64 by the way.
    I checked some other topics, I tried disabling the Cashback flag, but that didn't help.
    For the record, I've been an Opera user for many many years and I don't recall this happening in the past.


  • I left it open just to try, and after 20 minutes it stopped! So I took a leap of faith... closed Opera, opened it again, but no luck, the process is back at using 25% CPU... 😞

  • Not just you. Happening to me and several of my clients that use Opera.

    Last straw for me, between this and the Cashback crap they recently snuck onto our systems I am moving on. Very disappointed since I really like Opera, but my browser is "mission critical" and I can't have this kind of stuff always happening. Good luck.

  • This post is deleted!
  • @alobpreis Same for me! One core loaded 100%.

  • Furthermore, lately it's been randomly using high amounts of CPU and starting to eat up RAM extremely fast, mostly on a Facebook tab. It just happened a minute ago, I closed Opera but all the processes remained, especially the one that was eating like 6 GB of RAM. I tried to kill it, it wouldn't let me, and seconds later finally most of the processes disappeared, except the 25% one I created this post for.

    Here's a screenshot of what happens:

    Opera high CPU and RAM usage

    The first time was when after closing the processes remained, the second one fortunately Opera closed more quickly.

  • i have the same problem 😞

  • Same here. After startup opera maximizes single core usage, and after few minutes it drops to normal.

  • Something similar is happening to me since this afternoon . And now, when I reopen Opera, Speed Dial is empty. I also try to save the bookmarks but I touch save and they are not saved.
    All very strange because web browsing is working.

    Opera 74.0.3911.203 in Windows 7 x64

  • All of a sudden, after a couple of years of use, Opera has started hogging CPU for no apparent reason. In the task manager, no tab is misbehaving, 3% is the highest one, but the browser CPU remains over 100% consistently, as soon as I start it up. I have disabled all extensions, toggled hardware acceleration and tried other fixes I found here, but they don't work for me. Any ideas? This renders the browser unusable.

  • I have same problem after today update . My cpu spikes for couple seconds without any reason only when i watch streams alt text

  • The high CPU load is caused by Opera itself according to the Opera task manager (Shift + ESC). Every now and then the CPU load rises up to abnormal height for several minutes and drops back to normal after it and rises again after a while and so on. I first recognized it today because my CPU fan turned on.

  • @ynhockey Did any of the suggestions by @burnout426 help? Opera is crashing daily now, causing my computer to slow down to a standstill until I end it using Task Manager. At that point, it is using 98% of my computer's memory.

  • @vilnai Yep, I see that too, they changed something today and Opera is currently useless. More reports here

  • @federal-kaz same problem here after the newest update

  • This post is deleted!
  • Speed dial doesn't load sometimes. And most importantly, when I close the browser, a "Opera Internet Browser" process remains active and takes up a % of CPU.

  • Sorry for writing for a second topic, but this was my main issue that I was here for. As I explained in my previous post, I had to write this from Chrome because of a log in issue.

    I'm on :
    System:macOS Version 10.14.6 (Build 18G103) 10.14.6 64-bit

    I've disabled every ad blocker and extension.

    And only 2-3 tabs are open on my Opera; the forums tab, the extensions tab and the about tab.

    Despite this my fans has been running loud non stop for hours.

    I can normally work on multiple Opera windows and tens (sometimes over a hundred, close to 200) tabs for my work. I normally use extensions like The Great Suspender and Session Buddy to take off the load off, but I've disabled everything now. I've worked this way with Opera for many years without any problems.

    And yet, for the past few days, my fans have been going up non stop even at the smallest of actions.

    I looked at the Task Manager, the browser in total was taking up about to 1~ GB and it was normal for me. All the tabs seemed idle or taking up really small space (I don't know if I'm wording this right, this is not my main language)

    Anyway, since the fans didn't stop no matter what I did, and the macbook started overheating, I cleared every tab, removed as many extensions as I could one by one (I only had 4-5 active ones anyway), disabled the ad blockers and the fans still didn't stop.

    Then I restarted the browser, which didn't make a difference. Having 1 tab was no different than having many.

    After close to an hour, there finally seemed to be some calm, and this time I shut down the wi-fi and restarted the browser this way. This time, even though there was no connection, the fans still went up really loud for about half an hour.

    This never happened with Opera before. I don't exactly remember if there had been an update recently, but if it did could it be related?