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Enjoy an integrated media experience in Opera for Android 61

  • Hi everyone! Today I want to present a couple of exciting new features that have been added to version 61 of Opera for Android. The features in this release have been on my personal wishlist for quite a while, so I am delighted that we finally got time to include them. Integrated media player The…

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  • Let me also write here:
    Background audio from youtube in Opera is still not working. You have to help yourself with the chrome browser, e.g. copying the link from it to Opera.

  • How come I can't download it? 😞 Latest version in Google Play for me is v60

  • How do you open the integrated media player ..i don't see any option in opera 61

  • When will it be possible to install extensions?

  • @Opera-Comments-Bot Request for private browser pages to stay open when open/close app? Maybe have a "pin" for them to reopen? One site I use opens in regular with a ton of are & links redirect me to ad sites, but in private it works normally -- but never stays open when I close app.

    Also, some of your browser features (as mentioned) are hard to find - crypto wallet, rss reader, controls to tweak news feed, etc.

  • @rekz So you want private tabs to not be private?

  • Why haven't your programmers been fixing the bug with the broken news section about cars in the Ukrainian version of Opera for more than six months now !? Apparently there was a mistake with the news source from Ukrainian sites.

  • I would like to address the administration and those who lead the direction in Ukraine.
    Users from Ukraine, including me and my friends and acquaintances, family, are very upset because of this attitude of the Opera company! Will explain. Almost from the very beginning of the development of the Opera browser, the browser gained great popularity in Ukraine. There are still many fans left now, even though the browser is already on a new engine and the competition is much stronger. But what do we see. There is practically nothing for Ukrainian users. The Opera website is not translated into Ukrainian. The blog is not written in Ukrainian. Translation of the browser into Ukrainian is not 100% !!!
    How many times have already been said that the Yandex search engine does not work in Ukraine or works through vpn, it is also not popular at all in Ukraine for the last 4 years. You still implement it for the Ukrainian version of Opera !!!

  • @valentyna: Thank you a lot for a feedback! We would like to take a closer look at the problem and we will be thankful if you could suggest which translations in the browser are missing.

  • @valentyna: You can also easily change search engine in address bar and start page through Opera browser settings -> Opera Menu - Settings - Search engine.