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Bookmarks and History panels are empty

  • @kru62 said in History Panel Blank:

    I click Menu > History.

    Then it's a bug, OMenu > depends on the sidebar setting 'open i panel/open full page'. If you hide the sidebar or change option to 'open full page' in the sidebar settings, the OMenu should as previously.

    *I reported many times regarding the issue, but I didn't get any response from Opera and as a result the bug is in Stable now.

  • @kru62 said in History Panel Blank:

    I set the history icon to use full page and fixed

    Indeed, but the sidebar setting should not affect OMenu.

  • @andrew84 Thanks!

  • Same issue here. Any chance they'll make it functional to not have to open in full page and actually make it useable in sidebar?

  • Opera has been great over the years. However your last update have completely ruined it for me.
    Whenever I click on bookmarks or history, I keep getting a blank page.
    Also I really don't like this small pan on the side, I like the older way of full page for bookmarks.

  • Hello all

    I have many bookmarks in Opera, but none show up when I select the Bookmarks 'panel' (Ctrl+Shift+B). Only a blank, black field appears.

    My bookmarks in the 'bookmark bar' works as intended, but I wanted to organise my bookmarks.

    My Opera version is 71.0.3770.228, on Windows 10 (64 bit)


  • and me have a problem with the history its dont saved anywhere i mean i use on my pc and my phone and never the history is saved if i uninstall and reinstall the browser my history never backup what im gonna do?

  • @jetro said in Bookmarks and History panels are empty:

    when I select the Bookmarks 'panel' (Ctrl+Shift+B). Only a blank, black field appears.

    As written above it's a known bug (and was reported since the time when it first appeared in Dev/Beta versions, but despite of multiple reports they released Stable with the known bug).
    To see the full Bookmarks page (using Ctrl+Shift+B) you have to select 'open full page' in the sidebar settings if you have the sidebar active all the time. Or just hide the sidebar.

  • This is the oddest thing I've ever come across. I tried to click my bookmarks and the page never loads and the URL never shows up in the URL bar.

    I tried to type in an URL and the same thing happens. No page loads and the URL bar reverts to being blank.

  • I think I am just going to switch away from Opera, just need to move my bookmarks and such, can't get why do I have to debug such an obvious thing as opening up my history, or if I have to click on icons on such just to access bookmarks, whatever added functionality someone thought these features would do have actually moved away users from Opera.