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General Opera Discussion Topic

  • You guys absolutely have to have containers as Firefox does. For me, it seems you're faster and less glitchy and, that's why I'm still using Opera. And, the visual quality is just cleaner with the text and everything displayed being crisp and seeming high-resolution. I love that. However, there are serious limitations with extensions or, add-ons as they're called in Firefox. Right now, it's the workspace feature, the clean and tight look of the assets displayed that are keeping me using it. Firefox is kind of evidently slow. However, the range of add-ons and now, the container feature has had me downloading it. I'm really considering switching to it. I would have no choice because those features just align with my workflow. And, your bookmark feature is too much headache. Too, too much headache with that "Passphrase" thing.

    Your scaling is the incredible. However, scaling isn't everything.


  • Hello, I've been using Opera for a few weeks for home and work, and I've noticed a lack of some serious quality of life functions you see in other browsers that make it hard to keep using, especially at work.

    1. No function to clear browser/cache/download history on exit. This exists in Chrome and Firefox, but not here. It is a bit of a necessity at work, as I have to open hundreds of spreadsheets I download daily, and it just floods the download bar. Sure, I can manually clear it, but that seems like an unnecessary option to do when every other browser does it for you. It also helps with security if others get on my PC.

    2. No option to open files directly. You have to download then double click the item in the download list to open files. Again, Firefox and Chrome has this option, not sure why Opera doesn't have this. I see that people have been asking for this for years. As I said above, I download hundreds of spreadsheets a day, and having the option to have the file loaded into temporary internet files and open up automatically makes life so much easier. With Opera, I have to select a singular folder and everything saves there, then I have to manually open it. It's kind of annoying to do this, and it floods my download folder. I could change the download folder to the windows temp folder, but then all my files will go there. It's just a giant annoyance.

    3. Middle Mouse Button doesn't close last tab. This is just an annoyance to me. I've always closed all my browsers by using the middle mouse button to close all the tabs. You can still do this, but the last tab will never close, it just opens up the tiles page.

    I'm just posting some stuff I've noticed, and I can see from googling, a lot of others have made these complaints over the last few years with no real response. I just felt I needed to add my own comments on this, as I truly do enjoy this browser, but some functions are just, honestly, poorly designed for use as a browser to use for work.

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