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The topic for things that were answered/discussed lost of times already

  • On the express panel, you cannot change Yandex search to Google, why does Ukraine have a choice of a search engine, but Russia does not? I have Google by default, but Yandex is on the express panel, what kind of nonsense? Selling, I'm leaving for firefox!

  • @Yan Search engine on start page's search can't be changed. Ukraine is (was?) an exception probably because Yandex is/was blocked there.

  • ba07827f-199a-4821-b18e-4d21460b2676-image.png

    When i download something it stays red (like the photo) until i close the browser and it comes back every time i download something and this started happening since last update.

    I sincerely don't know if i'm doing something wrong but i don't have any visible notification that i can click on so i can bring it back to normal color.

    I have tried to minimize it but it doesn't work, the only thing that works for me is closing the browser and opening it again.

    Please let me know if i'm doing something wrong.

    Awesome browser btw, absolutely love it.

  • @zero07 It usually means that you have a broken download in your downloads list. Clearing it should solve the issue.

    1. I synced, did not check that I actually succeeded (I did not know that I can now)
    2. I uninstalled Opera
    3. Installed it back, enabled sync
    4. My tabs are not loaded. Is there any chance to get it back?
    5. I logged in to sync page and it's a mess! Tabs are just gone. Bookmarks are fine, thanks God. SpeedDials are on server - great! How can I load it back? Because I still see fresh default SpeedDial page. History shows only a new entries to a few days deep. I could restore a part of my tabs from it, but no. Why? Saved passwords shows over 100 of it, but I never saved it 🙂 Sync of a passwords was disabled!

    So, the questions are:

    1. Do I have any chance to get my tabs or history back?
    2. How do I download SpeedDials?
  • Crap, I had more success with O12, when I just backed up the whole Opera folder just in case. I'm so mad! If I'd knew sync sucks so much, I'd prepared better!

  • Ok, I found SpeedDial in a folder Bookmarks/OtherSpeedDials. But is there a way to put it back? Other than one-by-one opening and saving?

  • @swillklitch ok, drag-n-drop works, if I open two windows. But not with folders. Which is bad.

  • @swillklitch 4 ) As already said hundreds of times, your opened tabs from other devices will not automatically open in the current one.
    You can see them by using the tabs icon in the sidebar or by typing opera://activity in address bar.

    Regarding Speed Dials, also as said several times, the ones from other installations can be found in other speed dials in the bookmarks manager page.

    You will see your history when you start typing in address bar.

  • @swillklitch You can copy the entries and paste them into the Speed Dial folder on the left of the bookmarks manager page.

  • @leocg Thanks for answering! My problem is a bit worse. I have only one device. I wanted to sync the tabs to backup, reinstall the Opera and then sync it back. Looks like I have lost everything. History trick do not work too.
    But SpeedDial advice was Very helpful, thankyou!

  • @swillklitch Remember that Sync is not a backup tool, it's something designed to help syncing data between two devices/installations.

    Opened tabs are kept synced while opened. Once you close the browser or uninstalled it, they ar eno longer opened and, therefore, no longer synced.
    If you want to save/keep current opened tabs, it's better to save them as a Speed Dial folder.

    Regarding history, if you go to, for example, then if you are on another installation/device logged with the same account and start typing "o" in address bar, opera will suggest or even autocomplete to it.

  • I come to open my pc and it updates itself. I had updates blocked and used a much older version that allowed me to block every specific cookie. it doesnt allow anymore

    how do I stop it from auto updating. its ridiculous how this browser forces stuff on to users. shoves it down their throats.

    I hate chrome, but im already willing to delete opera from all my devices if I cant get a fix
    I dont have issues with chrome. I dont like it, but it runs smoothly and I dont have stupid popups for my location or to send me notifications. constant harassment. just le me alone and let me surf without having me interact with these sites.. .

  • @gfyourself To block auto-updates, see the FAQ

    To downgrade, just install an older version and block autoupdates.

  • Hello guys,

    how can I choose a custom search engine and set it as default?

    Is it possible, with tweaks, Flags, hosts, edit files, or whatever?

    I want to change my search engine to Qwant and set it as default, but why is Opera not allowing other users to set their search engine and use only their categories (Google, Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo, Amazon, Bing, Wikipedia) only?

    If it is about security reasons, why do not Opera adds a mark, that says, if you click this mark you will take care then or something like that.

    Have a nice day.

  • There are a number of viruses and other malware that change your default search engine, by limiting it to those supplied with the browser they prevent malware from changing to some bad search engine. That's their explanation anyway.

  • Hi @sgunhouse, can you maybe forward the developer, that they add Qwant as a choosable default search engine?

  • The start page search bar still uses Google even when I changed my default browser.

  • @yaur23 Check the FAQ

  • new computer. windows 10, opera install. old hard drive connected via usb. how can i copy old opera bookmarks to new computer?
    any help is appreciated.