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Opera stable 70 - news

  • @andrew84 The feature is ready and does what it is supposed to do. Eventual issues will be deal in bug fixing.

  • @leocg So it's supposed to degrade the user experience by being slow to operate and slow to use, and having an inferior (less information-dense and navigable) design to the vertical tab cycler? This is a failed experiment. Nobody wants this.

  • @atomicthumbs It's supposed to allow users to search their tabs and that's what it does.

  • @leocg said in Opera stable 70 - news:

    The feature is ready

    Crashes and inconsistency with the browser's other UI in dark mode tell that the feature is not ready (also cut functionality comparing to the previous TabMenu).

    *Maybe it can be said that the 'Weather' feature is ready for example (moreover the feature can be simply turned off in Settings) , but the flag is not removed as you can see. The same is with 'Instagram' flag (extremely 'useful' flag I can say).

  • @andrew84 I guess some flags are simply forgotten but they are removed at some point.

  • @atomicthumbs It's supposed to allow users to search their tabs and that's what it does.

    You don't even understand what feature he's talking about.

  • @leocg Very strange, there are many flags still persist in Stable (workspaces, sidebar related and other), but they remove almost most recent flag for the feature that has quite a lot of complaints.

  • @tapedi2471 It seems that you didn't understand what is being discussed.

  • @andrew84 Same answer as above. And remember that the ones working on one are not necessarily the ones working on the others.

  • @tapedi2471 It seems that you didn't understand what is being discussed.

    You are a moderator and you aren't even trying to understand the messages you are replying to. Even when your mistake is explicitly pointed out, you just deflect it. atomicthumbs is talking about tab cycler, not about search in tabs/recently closed.

  • @tapedi2471 Vertical tab cycler was tabs menu, replaced in Opera 69 with search in tabs. In Opera 69, while the new feature were still being tested, you cloud disable it and return to tabs menu by turning off the search in tabs flags.
    In Opera 70, with the ending of the testing period, the flag was removed and tabs menu no longer can be returned and, therefore, vertical tabs cycler.

    So, yes, the discussion is/was abou the search in tabs feature.

  • @leocg Tab cycler is what you get when you press Ctrl+Tab.

  • @tapedi2471 I know. Before, you could choose to use tabs menu to cycle tabs when using Ctrl + Tab.

  • Retarded Opera team as always ignores users' opinions and forces them into using worse versions of liked-by-everyone fuctions by removing flags. I cant even fix that by addons because for some reason the add-on icon disappears a second after I install the extension. No wonder the marketshare.

  • @leocg Ah, I see your point now. But it's not helpful at the least: the menu is gone for no good reason and both tab cycling and access to the recently closed tabs got worse because of that.

  • @leocg The TabMenu was used previously for cycling (Ctrl+Tab), but only open tabs were shown in this case . When pressing TabMenu button the full view was available. That's what can be called a well-designed and functional feature.
    Now we have the separate cycling popup and the separate tabs popup, both are worse.

  • @l33t4opera said in Opera stable 70 - news:

    Removed: #sidebar-extensions-in-browser-sidebar

    After removing this flag, Bookmarks By The Side does not work. The native Opera's sidebar is inconvenient because it occupies too much space and can't be made narrower. As a result, Opera has become unusable.

  • As replied to your other post, the flag was removed as redundant. Sidebar extensions work.

  • Hi @odinprokhozhiy, I just checked and it still works here on Linux (I can check it on Windows and Mac in few days, but I think the OS doesn't matter in this case): clicking the button in the Sidebar opens the extensions panel, changing the options works as well, opening folders, bookmarks, etc. works.
    You can make more space for the websites by reducing the panel size - just hover your mouse over right edge of it, hold the mouse and move it to the left. Also, you can make the panel a bit more narrowed by changing few extension options.
    By the way: try to enable opera:flags#extensions-toolbar-menu, restart the browser, disable the flag, restart again, and check if it's working. If not, I can check it again in few days, and try to figure out what is wrong in your case, that it doesn't work.

    However, I would not recommend to use this extenstion for now, since it's really outdated (last update Nov. 24, 2017), and because of that can be very buggy (meaning that, not adjusted to recent Opera's version, several bugs are not fixed since years).

    Instead of it, you can try another extension V7 Bookmarks, that is quit often updated and offers quite similar functionality.

  • Hi @andrew84, I will give my two cents on that only once, because unfortunately talking more about this particular case makes no sense for many reasons as in my opinion.

    You are right that some flags should not be removed too early, because sometimes a feature still needs some work to be finished (and or some real bugs could last unnoticed during the development tests, that can be discovered by the users using the browser, while it's released).
    The second thing is what also some others mentioned already. Some people like the old solutions in their browsers, like for example they like to use the old feature, not the new one with similar functionality, but not so quite appropriate for their way of using the browser.

    I see two reasons for which a flag/old feature is removed from the code: First is that there's not enough resources and time to maintain it (together with the new one, offering similar functionality), and adjust it accordingly to the changes in the new versions of Opera. The second is the management decided about it for some own reasons.

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