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  • Hi there, Here is the new Opera developer update based on Chromium version 84.0.4143.2. This update also contains some bug fixes and improvements. For the whole list of changes, see the full changelog. Installation links: Opera developer for Windows (Using the Opera developer for Windows installer means you have accepted the Opera for Computers EULA)…

    Read full blog post: Opera 70.0.3714.0 developer update

  • Fix the scrollable context menu in 69/70 vesrions (OMenu too, on all channels).

  • Thanks for this release to start the week.

  • something broke again!!
    Windows 7


  • @temkem There's much more wrong alignments in Settings. And again, the font is not uniform.
    Something wrong again probably with CSS file (from the 70.0.3707.0 version's change log 'DNA-86612 Wrong CSS file used in settings' )
    e65c4239-0b64-45c9-ae1a-16916c7d063d-image.png )

  • DNA-86730 Extend chrome.tabs API to allow opening URLs in selected workspace
    ↑ Will this be documented over there at ?

  • Do something with the Chromium's ugly dropdowns. After disabling the #form-controls-refresh flag, dropdowns are ok. I guess it must be fixed or the flag must be disabled by default.

  • @temkem I confirm these bugs.

  • The auto completion for urls and names in speed dials and bookmarks is still not working! I can not use it and must stay at v70.0.3693.0. Do you want to push me to Vivaldi or another browser? That makes me very disappointed and angry this time! 😞
    W10x64, Operax64

  • For the last couple of developer builds choosing O » Exit (the ”Exit“ option from the ”O“-menu) does not exit Opera, but shows the hint ”Hold Ctrl-Q (or press twice) to quit Opera“ in a window centered, semi transparent overlay bubble. Only on Linux, that is (Linux Mint 19.3 / Cinnamon).

    This is supposed to happen only when pressing Ctrl-Q once (to prevent closing Opera accidentally, e.g. when the intention was to close a tab with Ctrl-W) – not when exiting via the menu.

  • @ralf-brinkmann: I'm seeing autocomplete in omnibar for bookmarks (including speed dials)
    altho I don't have nested bookmarks on speed dial (in folders)
    List priority is recently visited (or popular sites from history, not sure)
    and there is also maximum sites in the list
    so, if I enter enough characters (3-4), they will filter out those popular sites, and my bookmarks are shown on the list

    I'm testing it in latest dev 70.0.3714.0

  • @vux777
    I don't understand everything you say. What do you mean with "omnibar"? The combined address bar /search bar? What do you mean with "List Priority is recently visited" and "maximum sites"?

    What I do:
    I have around 64 open pages.
    I have all my speed dials in speed dial folders (no subfolders) and the same as bookmarks, quasi a backup.
    Now if I open a new tab (CTRL-T) or a private window (CTRL-SHIFT-N) and start to type some characters (3-4) of one of these speed dials or bookmarks (parts of the URL or the name/description) Opera offers me the name or URL. If there are more than one results, Opera offers me a list. Until v70.0.3693.0! After that version this standard behaviour stopped working.
    I'm not talking about pages that are already open or in the history of last opened tabs! Opera will find them. I am talking about new pages.
    I have not changed anything in my settings. All flags are default except opera://flags/#search-in-open-tabs (disabled), but I have also tried out to set it also to default. The same results.

  • "DNA-86758 Cannot press video popout button on HBO GO"
    What about Netflix? The popout button doesn't even appear.

  • @ralf-brinkmann If you downgrade to the version you used before 70.0.3693.0 (probably ), does it work again?

    I tried reproducing this but I can't see it - my (old) bookmarks are autocompleted even though they're not in history. You can also see in the address field where a suggestion comes from if you select an entry with the keyboard. If the icon in the address field changes to a heart, it means it came from bookmarks.

  • @ralf-brinkmann: yes, I meant addressbar
    Suggestion list have maximum number of nodes. In my case it never showed more than 6 nodes.
    I did delete all my history and site data, to test it more.

    In many cases, bookmarks were listed as a search results from Google.
    Usually with magnifying glass icon and bookmark url (old bookmark that is not valid anymore, but the icon should be generic bookmark image). If it was search result form Google, it shouldn't display full url, or url at all.
    If Chrome finds hit on bookmark that doesn't have cached icon, it will show generic bookmark icon

    Speed dial titles are not valid search queries, Opera can't find speed dials by their titles

    I also disabled use a prediction service to help complete searches.... in Chrome.
    So, icons are definitely bugged.
    For the actual results, I only had problem with one bookmark, from speed dial. I had to type whole url to be recognized

  • @avl
    Of course it works as it did all the years.
    Remember, some years ago when Opera stopped and cancelled the old bookmarks system in the old menu (ALT-B) all the old Opera users were complaining and whining, that they could not be fast and call bookmarks by keyboard anymore. This opening of speed dial folders, looking for the correct speed dial and clicking again would be much too slow. Until they learned that they simply could type some characters of any speed dial and Opera would find and offer the page for opening. This is a very very fast and professional way of opening stored pages.
    As I wrote before I personally don't need bookmarks. I just use them as a copy (backup) of my speed dials. With speed dials and/or bookmarks I am very fast with finding my stored pages. Adding some global keywords to the description line ("name") of the speed dials (like "music" or "office") makes it easier to find them in case I don't remember the exact phrase.
    Saving and retrieving individual pages in a fast, keyboard-based manner (so that you don't have to search slowly with your eyes and aim with the mouse) is an essential part of a modern browsers and worked all the years through all versions. For the last two developer versions this function has stopped now. I hope you can repair this.

  • @vux777
    I never paid attention to whether there is a maximum number of results. Maybe I don't have so many entries with similar names.
    Opera usually offers me my personal speed dial results first and then the possibility to search in my standard search engine. I think I have also switched this prediction service off anywhere. Not in the flags, but somewhere in the settings.
    I don't use the magnifying icon, I do as much as possible by keyboard. I hate this clicking around like a baby. With the mouse I can use one arm and one finger and I must always look to the screen and aim precisely as in shooting training. With my keyboard I can use ten fingers.
    If Opera finds a suitable entry in the speed dials it shows me the stored icon of that page. I only see the heart icon after pressing enter and the page is opened.
    All this until v70.0.3693.0.
    In the new updates 70.0.3707.0 and 70.0.3714.0 nothing happens except the page is already open or in the history.

  • @ralf-brinkmann Now I see what you mean. Yes, I can confirm it doesn't work for SD items when you type in the address bar. It also doesn't work in the latest beta, but still works in the stable.

    I know it's not the same, but until it's fixed, you can still use the search box in the Bookmarks Manager, which is working also for SD items.

  • Hi @avl, Perhaps this issue has something to do with the below change?
    "DNA-86453 The limit of visible tabs in Search in Tabs must be disabled".

  • weird list names (contain 'Fixes') in adBlocker lists management (on all channels).