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Opera will not load-stuck on "loading" tab...

  • thought id come back to Opera. Was a fan a while ago, but still not working. so dissapointed

  • Yup, I accidentally upgraded to Opera 27 last night and find it still broken. Sorry to say but this is the last straw - goodbye, Opera. I guess everything must come to an end. 😞

    I've been a longtime Opera user and fan. Hell, I even paid for an early version back in the days. I haven't been too impressed by the Chromium-based restart, but remained faithful anyway. However, introducing a bug that renders the software entirely unusable and NOT FIXING IT WITHIN THREE MONTHS is too much.

  • So why are you crying to us? We aren't the devs.

  • @Lando242 - Probably because Opera seem to not want to listen to their users. Its easy to find media contacts and business enquiry contacts, but support or dev contact is almost impossible to find. I get the impression Opera simply don't want to hear about issues users have.

    Like many other people affected by this bug, I have found the no-sandbox parameter works but I am not prepared to leave my system vulnerable without using the sandbox. It is now near the end of February 2015 and the bug STILL remains. Opera need to get their act together or their market share will drop below that of Konquerer! I shall just stick with Firefox right now, not happy at all.

  • Have you tried the bugs reporting forum? Cause thats what its there for. All you do by coming here is bug users that can't help you. Its like complaining to the customers in the grocery store checkout line that the eggs you just bought are broken.

  • I have the Problem .
    change your wibdows.
    upgrade RAM System to 2 GB or Higher.
    Check your hard drive for bad sector.
    Problem Related to Hard Disk & Ram.

  • Sorry to be negative but so much for auto updates over which you have no control. There are enough problems without this. Its another reason I stayed with V12.17 and makes me liable to stay there.

  • Are you replying to a thread a year old? Of course I wasn't sure why he did either ...

  • i find i get this issue when "turbo" is on (whi9ch, if most of us are honest is the main reason we use opera!)

    NO PAGES LOAD any more when turbo is on.
    it seems finer when turbo is off (have any of you checked to see if turbo is on or off?).

    i am almost ready to completely uninstall opera as it can't do what i installed it for now...

  • Tip: when in a forum, think several times before replying to a tbread if the last post is more than a week and definitely don't reply if last post is more than a month.

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