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Where is the "Recently closed tabs/Tab menu" button on the top right?

  • Yes, they just replaced that function with a useless search button.

    Also that button showed the tabs you had open on other devices like your phone and there was also a 'tabs' sidebar button that is also gone.

    Why Opera makes these kind of changes removing usefull functions?

  • @donq completely agree

  • Rule number one, people.

  • Who the hell in the Opera dev team thought it was a good idea remove that usefull feature? Im very unhappy with that change 😠

  • God that is a plain stupid move, this was one of the best navigation feature of this browser.

  • @sgunhouse said in Where is the "Recently closed tabs/Tab menu" button on the top right?:

    It was moved to (Menu) > History when tab search was added.

    This is incorrect, O > History was already there and is unchanged in the new version with the missing Tab menu.

    The correct answer is that the "Tab menu" has been removed as most of its functionality is already available in other places. However, tabs from other devices has been moved to the "Tabs" sidebar item, but this item has also been removed and is now only available by typing "opera:/activity" in the address bar.

    I am typing this with two PC's side by side to compare, one with v67.0.3575.137 and the other with v68.0.3618.63. Have I missed anything?

  • This post is deleted!
  • This post is deleted!
  • @burnout426
    Thank You!!

  • Hello everyone,

    I can't remember since when i'm using opera, because it's my main browser for years.

    I really love this browser but damn, this deleting was really annoying.

    Thx you so much to people for providing the solution :

    • opera://flags/#search-in-open-tabs => from Default to Disable

    Improved search in open tabs
    Improvements in the Search in Open Tabs feature. – Mac, Windows, Linux


    Opera will stay my browser until they remove definitly this Tab button.

  • I'm also very furious with this change, they took away a button I used constatntly and replaced it with something that I'll probably never gonna use.
    Please give us an option to use the old setup.

  • Hello! 🙂

    The newest update brought some cool nw features, like beeing able to search in your tabs from the interface on the top right. I did notice, that the symbol for this replaced the symbol for opening the drop down menu to see your recently closed tabs. Is there a way to bring it back? I could not find it.
    If not, please add the option to do so. For me, this is one of the most impoirtant features in Opera, and I do not want to be forced to use the side bar all the time.
    Thank you fr your effort!

  • I found an option do enable the button again, but it cost me the new button. Disable opera://flags/#search-in-open-tabs

  • @ericartman92 You can enable the feature by disabeling the new button in the Opera flags settings.

  • Adding my voice to the pile here. This change added unnecessary work for the end user. The previous position was right beside the tabs and opening old tabs only required one click rather than navigating through a menu to access another menu. Accessing the old tabs menu was such a smooth processes that it became something the user could do without thinking about it. That's a goal any UI developer hopes to achieve. Why on earth would you make it more difficult to access such a basic and perfectly implemented feature?

    I've disabled the flag for this change but this is yet another baffling change for change's sake that Opera has made, the only thing keeping me here at this point is the Speed Dial.

  • Instead, there is a "Search on tabs" magnifier icon/button, which I do not need. There seems to be no way to change this in Settings.

    I hope it's just a bug of the latest update and not a new "feature".
    Or is it?


  • @strike9 thank you!!!!!!

  • @gt1919 said in Where is the "Recently closed tabs/Tab menu" button on the top right?:

    Instead, there is a "Search on tabs" magnifier icon/button, which I do not need. There seems to be no way to change this in Settings.

    Disable opera://flags/#search-in-open-tabs - should help for now.

  • Logging in the forums to also say that this is a poor decision.

    Also, thanks for the solution, but it just reminds me of the workaround to delete specific cookies (when it was accessible in the regular settings years ago).
    It's sad to see features take a step back in terms of usability and depth time and time again in Opera.

  • I don't really know if I should write much about this, but I'm just disappointed that the option to reopen closed tabs was removed from the top bar. An excellent useful feature, I was using it very often.
    It would be awesome if it could be brought back in future updates.