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Where is the "Recently closed tabs/Tab menu" button on the top right?

  • After this new update, the tip of opera://flags/#search-in-open-tabs doesn't work anymore and I can't restore the button. Such a shame, but I'm going to start migrating to another browser.

  • @leocg Next time someone takes your TV-remote's buttons away so you can go and run to the screen each time to change a channel - be an adult and do not complain since this is exactly not the end of the world. And do not say that is a different thing from the button we are missing :)).

  • @leocg I wholeheartedly disagree. The flag that allows for the "Recently Closed" functionality no longer works, nor is present. Without noting it in a change log or new installation notes, I would strongly argue that it is a bug.

    That is the problem with Opera Devs (and really, also an industry trend) right now. There is no public official change control or documentation when these major/minor/micro releases occur. They just update and there is no notification of what changes were made. As this is a core browser function that many, many people rely on (just look at this thread for example) and also understanding that the flag used to work and now does not, easily rises to the level of a bug (without documentation or official statement, there is no other conclusion).

    Another rather frustrating issue is that Opera (again, the industry as a whole) lumps together bug fix updates with new/different functionality. If they were separate and if they were documented each properly, a lot of end user issues could be addressed before they hit these forums. Perhaps developing in a vacuum, not publicly discussing up-and-coming changes and not documenting changes in a public change log is not the way to keep people informed?
    One other point: a truly open and transparent bug system would allow for the client and Opera to track the progress of submitted bugs. In the manner by which they bug track, it does not allow for the creator to track the issue (as far as I can tell, but I could be wrong). This is just as frustrating and problematic as this forum; no official commentary from the devs.

    Perhaps someone from Opera will see these things as issues and hopefully becomes the catalyst for change. I remain hopefully, but as a realist, I have serious doubts.

  • Changes are in the blog, including this one. If you want it back, post in the Feature request thread - posting here accomplishes nothing.

  • @SymphonicPoet I'm glad you were able to find that Vivaldi works for you. As a long time "PC guy", I absolutely love Vivaldi for it's ability to customize. You can absolutely go nuts changing the look and feel of the browser to meet your needs (I'd say its the most customizable browser out there, hands down, especially compared to Opera). It's also far more compliant with internet standards than Opera (there are a few sites that come up "wonky" in Opera that firefox or chromium based browser work fine on). My only reason I stick with Opera is it's boot up speed (Opera definitely has an edge here, as well as it's responsiveness). As an owner of an older Quad Core AMD system with 4GB of ram, Opera performs the best in this regard. However, all other browser has the "Recently Closed" functionality, right where Opera used to have their button (it's a trash can in Vivaldi vs. the Opera magnifying glass).
    In any event, if you have a more modern PC, the transition to Vivaldi is rather trivial and you shouldn't notice the lag in boot up. Good Luck To You!

  • @muukkivi I was already born when TVs with remote control appeared, so I spent part of my life doing it. 🙂

  • @sgunhouse Thank for this information. I had no idea that Opera had a blog, only these forums. Although, if the blog is the place where proper change log documentation is kept, IMHO, that's really ridiculous. Thank you for this information though, it's appreciated! 🙂

  • @chewy Case In Point: I just closed and opened opera to discover there was yet again another "micro" update, from 70.0.3728.106 to 70.0.3728.119. No documentation, no "readme.txt" and no mention in the "blog" what exactly changed. This is the kind of thing that frustrates and bewilders people.

  • @chewy Every release announcement post of a new Opera build has a link to its changelog. Also, the main changes are mentioned on the post itself.

    The flags page say that flags are experiments, so those using them know that flags may not be there forever.

  • @sgunhouse Just for some clarification, I did what you suggest and checked out their blog. Yes, you are correct, there is a section discussing the "Recently Closed" functionality, touting the "usefulness" of the addition of the new feature. However, this blog looks to only highlight some of the major changes; it does not correspond or even attempt to look like a proper change log. Additionally, the shear magnitude of negative comments regarding this new feature makes me wonder if the devs truly do respond to the community. The comments are overwhelmingly negative and plead with the devs to just rollback this function to what it was. In any event, thank you once again for your help and information.

  • Just had to edit my agonised rant about the loss of my beloved Recently Closed arrow! It's now at the top of "Search in tabs" Hurrah!

    Thanks, @leocg 🙂

  • @leocg Thank you for this information! 🙂

    However, I do have a followup question: How did you find this information? I've been to the root and can not find a link to all change logs.

    Also, this change log lists identifiers for different changes, yet no way to lookup each identifier to explain in detail, what these issues/changes are. Is there a way to do this? It would be really helpful for the public (at least the people that have to support this browser for a company) to look up any given issue to see the history and understand how it was resolved. Case In Point: (Example) the changelog lists "DNA-87863 Parameter placing issue in all languages" - there is nothing more explaining this. What is this? What was effected? How was it fixes?

    Seeing the ticket details would help in understanding these things.

  • @chewy As I said, the link to the changelog is on every release post on the blog. Those post can also be found here in the forums.

  • @leocg I see. So if I wanted to see a changelog for an older build, I'd have to dig through the blog, find the corresponding post, open the post, find the link for the changelog and take it from there? Talk about convoluted!
    Although the severe inadequateness of posting changelogs is out of your control, I do want to thank you for this information.

  • Hold on, does the "recently closed" section only show three items? Can I increase this? Looked through Settings; couldn't see anything.

    If you really refuse to bring back or adequately substitute this feature, then will you allow us to dock the sidebar on the other side of the screen? I'm right-handed and sweeping the mouse across involves more wrist-bending than is healthy on a frequent basis.

  • @leocg Also, as I mentioned, there is no context to the changelog. There is no way to look up the ticket or history of any item in the changelog. In some cases, there is no way to understand some of these one-liners at all. So although I can decipher some of the issues/feature changes, a lot it remains clouded.
    Having the ability to look at a particular items ticket or history would be greatly beneficial. Bugzilla would be a great example of what I'm talking about.

  • @cherryaa Not in Opera 70, unless they backport the changes. However starting on Opera 71 there will be a way to show more recently closed tabs.
    And just remember that you still can search for them.

  • How frustrating, @leocg ! Still, good to know it's going to be possible to add more instant-access items to the list. Thanks for your quick reply.

  • Until Opera reverts the disastrous changes to the "Recently Closed" button, there is a far better solution. It closely resembles what Opera took away from the toolbar. It's in the Chrome Store and it's an extension called "Tab Restore" by Banana Sonna. It is almost identical to the old Opera function; it seems to work exactly as the old "Recently Closed".

    I think that what the devs just don't get is that taking the user from a quick pulldown (that doesn't shadow out your current tab and window) to this new implementation, is what part of the problem is. They pull the user away from the tab they're on, shadow grey out the whole browser to show you the list is just too different to use like the old way.

    I hope this helps! 🙂