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Where is the "Recently closed tabs/Tab menu" button on the top right?

  • Instead, there is a "Search on tabs" magnifier icon/button, which I do not need. There seems to be no way to change this in Settings.

    I hope it's just a bug of the latest update and not a new "feature".
    Or is it?


  • @strike9 thank you!!!!!!

  • @gt1919 said in Where is the "Recently closed tabs/Tab menu" button on the top right?:

    Instead, there is a "Search on tabs" magnifier icon/button, which I do not need. There seems to be no way to change this in Settings.

    Disable opera://flags/#search-in-open-tabs - should help for now.

  • Logging in the forums to also say that this is a poor decision.

    Also, thanks for the solution, but it just reminds me of the workaround to delete specific cookies (when it was accessible in the regular settings years ago).
    It's sad to see features take a step back in terms of usability and depth time and time again in Opera.

  • I don't really know if I should write much about this, but I'm just disappointed that the option to reopen closed tabs was removed from the top bar. An excellent useful feature, I was using it very often.
    It would be awesome if it could be brought back in future updates.

  • @donq
    And where is "Other devices" menu now?

  • @sgunhouse Bad move.
    I completely agree with ericartman92.
    Hope that Opera developers will put ASAP the recently closed tabs button in the place it used to be.

  • Why replace good old functionality with other?! It is just stupid. 🙄

  • The dropdown list on top right used to show all open tabs, and on mouseover used to preview each open tab. That was extremely handy when I had many tabs open to quickly see which tab has what in it. I also used the Recently Closed list in it a lot which is also gone! The mouseover previewing was unique to Opera!! Why was it removed??

    Yes, I know there exists a flag to get it back for now (opera://flags/#search-in-open-tabs), but why would you (devs) change the default feature?? And as a flag, it's probably gonna die out in a few stables releases. Aren't you just making Opera bland & similar to other browsers by removing such an important convenience feature, thus driving away users?

  • @ericartman92 said in Where is the "Recently closed tabs/Tab menu" button on the top right?:

    @sgunhouse I find it ridiculous to be honest.
    I myself am a developer, and whenever there's a feature that's being retired, there's always a sane and valid reason to do so, it is also explained thoroughly to the user why it has been done so. Since this was a feature for ease-of-use, it has been moved for no apparent reason. In the end, the quality and easy of use has degraded regardless of one's view - instead of making one click to access closed tabs (because not always do we need the last one), we now have to make additional movements and clicks. What's more, it's not placed far from tabs, where it was previously placed and felt natural.
    Had to roll back and disable auto-update. Thank you very much for forcing me to tick to older versions because of no apparent reason.

    I am very disappointed in how opera turned out to be, especially considering why so many of us have used it since version 9 and even before that.

    I completely agree with ericartman92. Removing a unique feature of convenience and replacing it with one of degraded convenience is terrible move, and it drives away Opera's users. Why would you eliminate features that distinguish Opera from Chrome & Firefox?? It's not like Opera has the majority market.

  • Till the last version there was a button to open a dropdown-menu of closed tabs.
    I liked this very much.
    The new solution that I have to open closed tabs one after one to find the tab I'm looking for is annoying and unpractical.
    Any chance to get the button back?

  • Holy crap this is a bad move. This is one of the features in Opera I use most.

  • the arrow on the left of the minimize button is replaced by a search button! it was there yesterday and now it's gone. i really need that "recently closed" tabs function, how can i bring it back?

  • @burnout426 , thank you, so much!

  • How do I remove "Tab Search" and return "recently closed tabs" in its place ??? After the upgrade it came out no one needs shit, tabs and so open, what do I search for? How to return recently closed? Opera Знімок_2020.png

  • I had to move my computer and now my Opera got updated to the new loadout
    I don't know about the average IQ of Opera users but I certainly don't need a function to find specific tab because you can just drag your damn tabs to organize them
    While you might find you need a page that you didn't knew you need before you closed it or just closed it accidentally
    Also why dafuq is the Search in tabs all fking white even in dark mode
    Do your damn engineers even test the damn product before pushing them out

  • I also join the shouting fest here. Anyway, please keep the feature of the 'tabs trashbin'. It is more productive to close stuff and reopen what is needed than to search in too many open tabs.
    Or find a way to merge the two for all I care.

  • Please restore the last Closed tab menu as it was before. hell yes i a m joining ya all.

    And do not remove features like that with out an impact assesment.

  • Where is "recently closed tabs" gone? I don't see any use for this another search button, in any case.
    Seems like Opera's "button displacement department" is the most hard-working guys in their development team.

  • After lates update I saw that you replaced a useful "Resently closed" button by "Search". It was one of my favourite function in Opera, because it simple to use in two clicks. But now I should open the lateral panel (1), chose what I closed (2), and close the panel (3). So +1 useless step. And it is so unconfornable to use!

    Please, turn my favourite button back (or make it configurable for turning in).